Stargate Universe 2.03 “Awakening” Recap

Stargate Universe 2.03 “Awakening” Recap

Stargate Universe 2.03 “Awakening” RecapTonight’s SGU was pretty epic and a bit sad, but what’s sadder is that SyFy’s move from Friday to Tuesday nights hasn’t helped the show in ratings. Hopefully, the network will move the show back to it’s rightful spot during the mid season hiatus. Other than that, let’s get to the recap.

Information Rendezvous

As the crew watches the space in front of them, they wonder what could be fast approaching them and if it will break to avoid collision. Col. Young doesn’t wait for that to happen as he sends Brody to go ready the the weapons to blast the object. Rush recognizes the shape of the object as Ancient and realizes that the ship is just like the Destiny and has to be an Ancient Stargate seeder ship! The only problem? Rush knows this, which perturbs the hell out of Col. Young, who’s trust issues with Rush are raging more than a teen’s hormones.

The Seeder Ship

As Rush reveals that the two ships are exchanging information and data, Col. Young preps an away team to see what the ship has to offer. Rush wants to be on that away team, but Young places Brody and Volker in that task instead, citing needing Rush on the Destiny in case something goes wrong. I believe that he’s just acting a bit paranoid, but I digress. The away team has two hours to do recon.

Telford stops Camile Wray to ask the status of the seeder ship and is non too thrilled to know Young is sending a team thereStargate Universe 2.03 “Awakening” Recap without checking with him first. What the hell? Since when did we start checking in with Telford to wipe our asses?

The team, which consists of Scott, Greer, Volker, and Brody, enter the ship with a Kino. While Eli, Young and Park watch the events from the Console Room, a pissed Rush leaves to go to the “bathroom.”

Chloe catches up with TJ about an appointment, but tries to get her friend to open up about the loss of the baby. TJ deflects the conversation to Chloe’s problem, which is the quick healing of her leg. TJ is concerned. So are we.

Rush makes his way to the bridge of the ship and starts running diagnostics. Gloria appears again to let us know what we already know. Rush has discovered that the seeder ship could help the crew get them home. YAY! As far as Rush revealing that info? A different story… BOO!

The Away Team finds the seeder ship’s control center and start to activate it. Meanwhile, Telford confronts Young on not informing him in on what’s going on. He only wants to help and to pay Young back for saving his life. Also, he knows that Young is far past gone and needs to sit his ass down. Pronto. Luckily, Young isn’t an ass and fills Telford in, letting him deal take some command of the situation.

On the seeder ship in an unknown area, an alien pod opens and a scaly hand reaches out. Uh-oh…

No Vacancy

Young stops by the holding cell of the Lucian Alliance and is not happy that they know of the Seeder Ship situation. Ginn wants to help, but Young harshly turns her down. Varros and Simeon want out, reminding Young of their cooperation and sacrifice to save him and the others. Young declines, despite Varros asking what would they have to do to prove themselves.

Eli discovers some fantastic readings from the Seeder Ship that he and Park beg for Rush to check out. Hmm… In the Conservatory, Young confronts Camile Wray on telling the prisoners about the Seeder Ship, but Camile stand her ground on treating the prisoners with respect, especially since they are the only LA members with intel on the impending Lucian Alliance attack on Earth. Young thinks its all a crock, and blows her off until Camile invites him to a memorial service for Riley. Young says he’s there. The pain still lingers here, too, yall.

Stargate Universe 2.03 “Awakening” RecapRush reveals to Young that the Seeder Ship has enough power to dial the gate and get them home, but to do so he must go to the twin ship and set up a channel to transfer power from the Seeder Ship to the Destiny. Young orders him to go and my stomach drops at the excitement that is going on. Why? Because their feelings are about to get hurt. After Rush leaves, Eli notices that they have lost the Kino feed.

When Rush gets aboard the ship, Greer and Scott take him to a place they discovered within the ship. That place happens to be the manufacturing line for the Stargates. It’s breathtaking (as the Stargate riff plays overhead insinuates), but Rush doesn’t care and wants to go to the Control Center Room. Son of a…

In the Control Center Room, Volker gets a shock when an alien life form stands behind him… then collapses in exhaustion. Not what we had in mind, but okay!

Really. There’s No Vacancy.

TJ tends to the Lucian Allianc soldiers and has to subdue Simeon from being an ass. Varros is the next person and he and TJ begin to flirt and bond over their shared losses: TJ, her baby/Varros, his wife. Varros gives TJ some advice, which was that after all his grief and anger, life is simply “lost”. This is interrupted with TJ being called to go onto the Seeder Ship to tend to the alien. Telford volunteers to go as her escort.

As they reach the Control Center Room, TJ tends to the alien, who wakes up, speaking an foreign language. They try to communicate with it, but are mostly unsuccessful. The alien is harmless and looks defenseless. Rush suggests they grunts see if the alien is alone, while contacting Eli to start the power transfer to the gate. After some searching, Greer does indeed find more empty pods on the ship. Maybe a dozen.

Shattered Hopes

Camile calls all of the people on the Destiny to make their way to the control room ready to leave the Destiny. Young wants all the people on the Seeder Ship to head back to be ready to go through the Stargate. Rush argues that he must stay to keep the power flowing. The Stargate starts to dial and the cheer and hopefulness is in the air… only to be shut down just as quickly when the gate is disconnected. The power, as well as the Destiny’s power, is being reverted to the ship. The aliens have taken out Dr. Rush and the soldiers guarding him. Young and Eli freak, both knowing that they need to do something quick, because if the Destiny is drained of power then they are screwed.

Telford, Greer, and Scott make their way to the Control Center Room, but are met with demands from Young to grab the soldiers and Rush, then proceed to come back to the Destiny to sever the link between the two ships. Telford volunteers to save the ship and revert the power to use the gate again. Eli proceeds to talk him through it. They have 15 minutes.

Left Behind

Just as Eli and Telford get things going, Greer, Scott, and Rush make it off the ship. While the team focuses on making sure theStargate Universe 2.03 “Awakening” Recap aliens don’t enter the Destiny, Rush slips off. It is then when Eli and Park whine that they need Rush’s help. As soon as Telford gets the connection up and running with three minutes left, the Destiny disconnects from the Seeder Ship! What the hell?!?!??! When Young demands how this happened, we are shown Rush in the bridge commanding the ship with Gloria standing beside him. Rush mutters that he had no choice, Gloria asks if he did it to save the crew? Or his dream?

Young breaks the bad news to Telford, who takes it like a champ. He tells Young to not only take care of those people, but take care of himself as well. As the Destiny enters FTL, Telford discovers that he’s surrounded by the aliens. Dear Mother of God, NOO!!!!

The crew deals with yet another loss in their numbers while trying to move on from another one. TJ thanks Varros for his help in saving her, Camile and Gree clean out Riley’s room, and the others just stare off into space. Another battle lost.


From Brody’s Distillery

– The Destiny crew has been getting hit left and right lately and it’s slowly taking a toll on Young and Rush, making them more unstable than ever. Young needs to just sit down. Period. He’s getting on my nerves now with his growing God complex that’s festering the morale of the ship. On the other end, you have Rush, who’s secret has gotten one person killed and another one stranded. Man, I promise when that secret gets out the crap is going to hit the fan, along with someone’s brain matter possibly.

– Telford came a long way and it pained me to see him get left on that ship, because not only was a good man left behind, but he was the only other person who could’ve stopped Young in his tracks and step in and lead. I was beginning to fear for Lou Diamond Phillips as he kept being billed a guest star and not a series regular, since he was physically on the ship. I pray when the others find out about the bridge that they go back and rescue Telford.

– Some funny moments were Greer revealing his tryst with Park, TJ subduing Simeon, and the away team trying to talk to the alien, which I was hoping would be a recurring character until he turned evil. Oh well.

So we shall see you guys next week! What were your thoughts?

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