Stargate Universe 2.06 “Trial and Error” Recap

In an episode that echoed vintage Star Trek, last night’s SGU gave us a clear leader in the age old battle of who’s the true commander of the Destiny. Let’s just say the losing party isn’t to be trusted after this defeat…

He Might Command This Crew, But I Control This Ship…

After Col. Young finds out that his wife Emily wants a divorce (and is serious about it), our fearless leader shuts down while the crew wonders what the hell is his problem. Camile and TJ each try to get him to talk, but the Colonel doesn’t accept it, choosing Brody’s alcohol for his therapy instead.

This is where the problem starts, because Col. Young has a vivid dream of the Blue Man Group aliens attacking again and wanting Chloe returned to them immediately, but the dream ends horribly with the ship exploding after the aliens open fire on them. At the next meeting with scientists, Col. Young orders for the weapons systems to be worked on, because of the crucial point of his dream dealing with weapons malfunction. Camile, as well as the other scientists, sees this as a problem given the last time they tried to work on the weapons systems, someone got hurt. The colonel has another dream, which features the shields working properly until more alien ships show up and start blasting the Destiny until it goes up in flames again.

Becoming more and more frustrated, Young talks to Camile about his dreams and what they could mean, because they are becoming too vivid to ignore. After Young recounts his dreams to Camile, she tells him that the solution may be the one thing he’s not willing to do. She then suggests seeing Chloe for answers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rush stops by to see Chloe and asks her to look over some equations, but she balks at his request, because she thinks Rush played her in trying to “help” her. Rush butters Chloe up by discussing the positive side of her alien capabilities, ending with him talking to her about Destiny’s true mission, which he asks for her help on. Not sure about this…

When Young visits Chloe, it’s a different story. He calms her fears, but is slowly realizing his own in the process. Chloe wants to find a solution and fast, but despite Young’s promises of things getting better, she is ready for the inevitable to happen.

While Young looks over some paperwork, he is called to the communications room by Brody, like in the dream, about the scenarios in the dream. This time Young tells them basically what failed in the dream and predicts everything that happened. He has a plan.

Young retrieves Chloe and walks her to the corridor where the alien ship took kidnapped her the first time. She willfully, yet fearfully, enters the corridor and waits to be taken. Scott finds out and decks Col. Young on sight. After Chloe leaves and Greer breaks up the fight, the aliens still approach the ship to board it, inducing a laughing fit out of Young. As communications die out, Young finds himself facing an alien, who shoots Young, waking him up.

Later Young is approached by TJ, who decides to tell him about the “dream” she had and that their daughter is actually safe with Caine. The two argue at the craziness of such a story, but Young doesn’t believe it and thinks TJ should let it go. TJ tearfully counters that she knows where Young is heading and fears he won’t return like she did. Wow…

Scott later visits Young in his quarters to tell him the ship dropped out of FTL with no warning, no gates to dial, and no countdown clock initiated. Unfortunately, Young is way too wasted to deal with this, which disappoints Scott. Meanwhile, Rush tries to solve this new problem, but has no idea where to look. Phantom Franklin tells him to look closer… At the same time, Eli explains to them how he found a simulation program, which is the exact scenarios Col. Young have been dreaming about it. This sends off warning flags in Camile. On the bridge, Dr. Rush figures out the program, but is now trying to figure out why…

As the scientists, Eli, Camile, and Scott make sense of the Destiny sending Col. Young ‘tactical info’ through a dream program, Scott asks Chloe if she knows anything about it. Not sure what to do, Scott orders everyone to stand by for an eventual attack. As he does this, Camile and Rush notice Scott taking charge, which prompts them to ask Scott to assume command officially. As Scott denies this, Rush and Camile break it down for Scott: The Destiny has shut down due to the Colonel shutting down, because it has “identified” Young as the leader on the ship. That puts a whole new spin on some things…

After Rush and Camile lay this burden on him, Scott runs straight to Col. Young and demands for his superior to get his ass in gear. Now. While Young tries to act as if he’s not fit to lead, going as far as revealing “killing” Riley, Scott doesn’t let that deter him into getting Young to shape up. After a speech from Lt. Scott, which I can’t do justice repeating here, Col. Young cleans himself up and resumes command. As soon as he does this, the Destiny jumps into FTL and all is well in the kingdom again. The Destiny has claimed it’s leader, and Rush is so not happy about this.

Eli and Ginn Sitting In A Tree…

With all the crazy going on around them, Eli gets to know Ginn a little more and the two hit it off pretty well. Greer notices this and sets out to make sure Eli becomes a “man” by giving the two math geeks some alone time. During said alone time, Eli freaks and runs to get some pep talk from his boy Greer. While they talk, Ginn watches Eli’s personal Kino diaries, which Eli finds her doing. He isn’t upset, but Ginn still plants a kiss on Eli, who happily returns the favor. God, I pray this is genuine and not a ploy of the Lucian Alliance…

What did you guys think of tonight? There won’t be a From The Bar of Brody’s Distillery this week due to us being drunk from it enough after tonight’s episode…

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