Star Wars Live-Action TV Series Coming to Disney Streaming Service

There seems to be an upside and a downside to this. Disney is seeming like the giant, corporate steamroller at this point that is fully intent on pushing forward at a steady clip as it seeks to take over everything it can. It’s not an entirely negative thing really, it’s just business, but now that they’re planning their own streaming service as of 2019 Disney really seems like a powerhouse that is fully intent on being one of the only competitors in the market as of now. Like I said, it’s not an entirely negative thing, but it could eventually be something that grows a bit tiresome. The fact that it’s now planning a live-action Star Wars TV series could also be something that might qualify as a palm to forehead kind of thing.

I don’t say this lightly. I’m a Star Wars nerd and I love the franchise like none other, but there’s a balance with any story that has to be struck and with the renewed Star Wars craze that’s been coming on strong for the past two years since The Force Awakens hit theaters the very real idea of overkill is bound to happen eventually. It would seem that Disney is banking on the idea of marketing to a new generation that doesn’t yet know the Star Wars experience and wouldn’t be able to remember the canon that existed before they came on the scene. That’s wise on their side of the fence but it’s not bound to fool the older fans that have been around and been faithful to the franchise for years.

The only route there is appeasement it would seem, and unfortunately the new canon has no room for the old stories….unless Disney gets smart about it and starts to infuse the old canon into the new. There’s still time and there’s plenty of room, but it would take the savvy that made the franchise so great to begin with to make it work. A live-action Star Wars series could be something great so long as they actually do something that fans would like to see, such as the stories from the books that became so popular and were somehow ditched by so many fans old and new in order to embrace what Disney did to the franchise.

Personally it feels as though the moment they bought George Lucas’s idea they turned around and slapped him in the face by denouncing the canon that had brought Star Wars such fame and creating their own. Obviously this isn’t what happened but it certainly feels as though they cut out a good portion of the story and decided that their vision was the best. That’s how it goes however and that’s what history will likely remember. A live-action show might be something great to add to a story that’s not too bad and does have its charms, but if it strays too far from the universe that people know it could also be one of the worst ideas that Disney’s come up with yet. It’s okay though, marketing will no doubt take care of any issues that might crop up by force-feeding people the hype until they agree that it’s a good idea.

But maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

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