Star Wars Fan Builds Real-Life Ridiculously Dangerous Lightsaber

And just like that another childhood dream is crushed, but for good reason since the very idea of a live, active lightsaber is beyond dangerous. One can’t help but think however that the reality of the things we imagine is only limited by our continued knowledge of what will work and what won’t. I’m not about to argue with guys that do this as a hobby however since the proto-sabers look incredibly dangerous if they can melt steel with a touch and are hot enough to be felt several feet away. Still, the idea of a lightsaber is still an intriguing one that a lot of people have thought about over the years since the improbability of it is something that looks great in a movie but in real life does require a massive power source. The power pack that ended up working after all was well over forty pounds, which is something you don’t really want in a saber fight that requires finesse and footwork. A person would have to be incredibly strong and have the best balance and flexibility in the world or they would need to simply learn how to stand their ground and fight from dozens of difficult and probably impossible angles since not only is the proto-saber heavy from hilt to pack, it’s connected by a cord that supplies the power. Matthew Hart of Nerdist had more to say on this subject.

Most Star Wars fans know that a lightsaber has its own power source and a crystal for focusing the blade in the books, movies, and TV shows, but in real life this is not a possibility since the energy output for the saber that was built is immense and requires a power source that is incredibly dangerous if tampered with or damaged in any way. Imagine a lightsaber touching upon the power pack of another combatant, and the resulting explosion that would take them both out. In the movies there’s never been a power pack attached to the lightsabers because thanks to movie magic it’s not needed. The crystals and the power sources are supposedly inexhaustible but can be damaged as it’s been seen. Just think of the saber that Obi-Wan gave to Luke in A New Hope, and then think about how long it had been since the saber had been activated. It’s true that Obi-Wan might have used the extra saber on occasion if he needed to, but it’s not likely since as a Jedi it would bring back painful memories of the friend he lost. But then when you get to thinking about the power cell still being active you get an idea of just how long they can last.

The problem with the blade though is thinking about how the blade would resemble a column of light that essentially loops back on itself to create a ‘saber’ appearance. There’s no back edge or front edge to a lightsaber since it’s ALL edge. Every bit of a lightsaber’s blade burns and cuts, meaning it’s one of the most perfect weapons ever devised largely because in the hands of an experienced fighter it can do massive damage all on its own. Think about it, with a Jedi or Sith or even just a skilled fencer behind the blade they can pick off blaster shots, cut through just about anything, and are unstoppable so long as an opponent doesn’t throw something that the saber can’t deflect. The only problem with the movie sabers is that it does take a trained fighter to use them, since anything less will tend to result in the loss of limbs and possibly life with any serious misuse. Even with this proto-saber the possibility of seriously harming oneself is likely if a person isn’t paying close attention to what they’re doing. Of course it’s possible to have a problem with the power source as well, so the danger in this blade is very real and stems from both sides of the weapon.

Early lightsabers, pre-Empire, had power packs as well, though it might be that such things won’t be considered canon since they were revealed in a graphic novel that might not be accepted as part of the current story. But when you think about it lightsabers had to start somewhere until the process and construction was perfected. One can only surmise that this might be the end goal of those that are working on such things, but at this rate finding the power source and the ability to create a shimmering blade of light that can be easily contained and wielded by just about anyone that has the right level of skill. Since no one has yet stepped up as a Jedi, a Sith, or anyone that can even suggest an alternate power source that will light a saber and reduce the heat and overt danger, it’s not likely we’ll see the movie version in our lifetime.

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