Star Wars Crazies Start Epic Cross-Franchise War at Local Shopping Center

I would love to be able to say that the cross-franchise war started at a mall by a bunch of Star Wars crazies was one of the most awesome things ever witnessed. Had I no sense of responsibility and no experience in retail I might well have done that, but seeing as how neither of those things are true I simply cannot. While having fun with your friends and filming it for a YouTube channel is great and all and affords you a chance to get noticed and show just how awesome your Jedi, Sith, magic, or Pokemon skills are there is such a thing as asking permission to pull these stunts inside a place of business. It’s pretty simple, if you ask and they say no it doesn’t mean go in and do it anyway. The retail store is not your playplace, it’s a place of business.

Having the respect that’s needed to realize this is what seems to be lacking in this bunch that effectively flouts the rules and starts wielding their thankfully purchased lightsabers inside the mall and then in the parking lot. I’m hoping that someone among their group does realize that there are actual laws that could get them in a lot of trouble for being this disruptive, but given that all of them are going nuts and don’t seem to care about the warnings they’re getting I would guess not.

Why am I seeming like such a downer? Don’t get me wrong, back in the day this would have been a lot of fun but there’s still the idea that you’re acting the fool in someone’s store, then in the mall, and then out in the parking lot where cars are attempting to navigate their way around your little impromptu lightsaber battle in order to go home or find a parking space. They’re not necessarily concerned with your safety, they just don’t want the trouble of having to explain to a police officer why you’re on the ground bleeding and broken with a toy lightsaber in your hand.

And then, yes and then, the group decides to make their way to a local McDonald’s in order to cause a few more problems. Now granted the editing done later on to make all the effects look super cool is awesome, but that still doesn’t get around the fact that they’re looking like fools in order to get the material for the editing. I might sound stodgy and out of touch with what it means to have fun, but really these folks just seem a bit, well, stupid.

Honestly, ignoring people that say they’re calling the cops right up until the cops get called shows a lack of intelligence and a lack of respect for those that are thinking about the liability of having people dueling in their store, their mall, and on their property. If someone gets hurt the various businesses could be found responsible or at the very least take a serious ding to their reputation since they allowed it to continue.

I’m a Star Wars fan through and through, but those that do these kind of things tend to give us a very bad name at times.

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