Spy in the Wild Uses Animatronics to Capture Groundbreaking Behavior

Spy in the Wild Uses Animatronics to Capture Groundbreaking Behavior

Spy in the Wild is a new five part mini-series put together by a joint effort between BBC and PBS.   The show’s premise is to use animatronic spy cameras that pose as animals to record new and unseen behavior in the wild.   The aim is to try and record animal behavior that has before been nearly impossible to capture.   According to Monsters and Critics

The animatronics help reveal exactly how animals interact with others of their own kind, with some quite amazing revelations. The fake animals witness behaviours that appear to show the animals experiencing emotions like grief and love, as well as them being inventive and sometimes quite sneaky.  The robotic animals include a Spy Orangutan, Spy Meerkat, Spy Sloth and even a Spy Baby Hippo.

I’ve personally always been fascinated with nature shows and this particular series is something special.  Never before have we seen such up close shots of animals.  Part of me is somewhat freaked out by this because let’s face it, that little monkey looks like a Terminator.  But on the flip side it’s a much safer research tactic than actual humans going in and risking potential attacks.

The real question is whether or not Shark Week will start to use animatronics.  Frankly I think we’re all waiting for that.  Until then, enjoy these little robotic animals recording things we’ve never seen in the wild before!

Here’s the full trailer for the show

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