Spotify Is Turning Its Podcasts Into Movies and TV Shows

Spotify Is Turning Its Podcasts Into Movies and TV Shows

Spotify Is Turning Its Podcasts Into Movies and TV Shows

It might sound a bit odd to think that a music company is going to try its hand in turning its content into movies and TV shows, but the need to diversify and expand is obviously causing an itch among those at Spotify as they’re taking their podcasts and doing something different with them. It’s difficult to say anything negative about this since it’s a type of evolution of content that could be a huge boon to the company as well as the fans that have been following their content for so long. Some might wonder if they’re thinking of stepping away from the music aspect more and more or if they’re going to keep this moving forward as always since the older crowd might experience flashbacks of when MTV and VH1 were primarily music television, but at this time it would appear that Spotify is going to remain steady with its music service while still moving forward to develop their podcasts into something more. The concern of course is what happens if they manage to make this work and experience a huge surge in growth and popularity. Will they still be about the music? Or will they see something more lucrative and ditch what made them popular in the first place? It’s a big and very important question that needs to be considered, but at the moment the excitement of moving forward appears to be too much for many people to think too much about it.

There aren’t that many of us still around that can remember listening to the radio to hear a favorite show or program before TV was such a big thing, but music and audio was a popular method of entertainment for a long, LONG time before we were given multiple channels, cable, and streaming networks. Some of us come from the era when we had to call into the radio station to request a certain song, and if he wanted to own it then we had to spend the money to purchase a record, a cassette tape or a CD depending on the era one grew up in. Now, all we have to do is get online and pick from one of the biggest libraries in the world what we want to listen to or watch, all with a few clicks of a mouse. Now we’ll be able to enjoy the various podcasts that Spotify has been producing as they take the next step in pushing their content to the people. Things have changed in a huge way without any doubt, but one has to wonder just how much they’re going to continue to change before those of us that can still remember the old days start feeling as though we’ve been left in the dust.

Given the accessibility of the content, it’s not likely that this will happen overnight if it happens at all, but it certainly feels that way sometimes. Many of us can still remember when buying a CD was a big deal, even if a person bought it for one song and ended up listening to the others and liking them. Today we have devices that are less than half the size of a traditional CD and can old many times over what any standard CD can hold when it comes to music, and can even show movies and TV shows if we pay for the service. Is anyone feeling old yet? There are plenty of people that still don’t know much, if anything, about Spotify, since trying to keep up with every company coming out these days is difficult enough, but trying to keep track of what they’re doing and why is even harder considering that very few things are staying the same any longer, and the world appears to be speeding up at times at a pace that many people simply can’t fathom. It could be said that there was a time when music companies focused on music and nothing else and movie companies did the same, but it wouldn’t be the entire truth. Audio and visual representation has gone hand in hand for quite a while since they complement each other so well, and it would appear that Spotify has taken this to heart as their attempt to move into another aspect of the streaming game is going to put them on a course that might allow them to run with the big kids at some point.

One thing that anyone at Spotify should already recognize is that by turning their podcasts into movies and TV shows is going to make them a competitor, which could also turn them into a target for others that might perceive this move as an attempt to horn in on the business that’s already been dominated by so many. So with all seriousness, best of luck to Spotify, but they have a big hill to climb.

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