Which of Spike Lee’s Movies are the Least “Spike Lee”

Spike Lee‘s movies have been called just about everything under the sun by a lot of different people that either loved or hated his work. But apart from those movies that made him famous there are those that don’t seem to follow the same line as those that are heavily involved in the type of subjects that Lee has delved into so much in the past. It might be that he was trying something different or that he just felt the need to try and put his special touch into different genres, but as good as some of those movies were it was hard to believe that he was the one behind them. Some might call that a sign of maturity that he experienced by stretching his creative wings a bit, but others would likely point out the similarities between these films and all of his others.

Honestly, these kind of stand apart from his earlier films and they’re just as good.

5. Oldboy

This movie is seriously twisted and it’s a remake of South Korean film made back in 2003. The entire premise is that the Stranger is torturing Joe for something he did far in the past and is taking his time making Joe suffer. What seems like kindness turns out to be more torture as Joe is led along with each new step towards an uncertain future that eventually turns out to be something wore than he could have ever believed.

4. 25th Hour

One’s freedom is a prized and privileged thing that too many people take for granted. When Monty realizes he has only a short time to go before he’ll be admitted to prison he takes the last day of his freedom to really look at his life and understand just what it is to be free. There’s a great deal about any single life that needs to be realized and figured out before you can truly move on in any capacity.

3. John Leguizamo: Freak

This was the show that got John Leguizamo cast in the Summer of Sam movie to be honest and it was so good that he and the rest of the cast were nominated for several awards. Leguizamo is a guy that a lot of people don’t think much about but when he gets rolling he’s as funny as can be. The best part though is that being funny isn’t his only talent. He can do drama just as well if you give him a chance.

2. Lisa Picard is Famous

This film has the feel of Spike Lee in a way since it’s about an individual that’s on the brink of greatness but it still doesn’t quite seem like him since the level of adversity is there but it doesn’t seem as desperate. In many Spike Lee films there’s a kind of tension that continues to mount throughout the film and it just didn’t seem to exist her.

1. Inside Man

This movie had some focus on racial issues but not nearly as much as you would expect in a Spike Lee film. Instead it focused more on the giant mind bender that was being played out by the robbers, which was pretty cool once it was revealed.

Everyone goes out of their comfort zone sometimes.

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