10 Surprising First Films of Famous Directors

Everyone has to start somewhere right?  Even the most famous actors in the world usually have past work that’s comically embarrassing.  9 times out of 10 even the greatest of actors have had humble beginnings on screen.  From cheesy commercials to bit parts in kids shows, Oscar winners have often struggled early in their careers taking on any and every single role they could get their hands on.   And that includes directors as well.  While you might think a guy like James Cameron always had it easy, think again.

The Terminator wasn’t his first film like many might believe.  It was his classic Piranha II:  The Spawning in 1981 that launched his career.  It’s not just James Cameron either.  There are a whole slew of famous directors that worked on projects that will completely surprise you.

Guys like Edgar Wright, Peter Jackson, M. Night Shyalaman, works on films that don’t exactly match some of the high budgeted and highly acclaimed films we all know.  But it’s fun to look back and see that a part of their style that’s in their more commercially successful films was always their even in their early work.

Website Joblo put together this excellent compilation of the Top 10 Surprising Filmmakers first films.  Enjoy the clip below:

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