Spencer Pratt Dishes the Tea on Hollywood Celebrities

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Spencer Pratt has never been the most popular guy on television – even though he really was. He’s the guy who came in and swept The Hills star Heidi Montag off her feet, much to the chagrin of ex-bestie Lauren “LC” Conrad. It’s no secret that Heidi and Lauren’s friendship suffered to the point of no return, largely due to Heidi’s relationship with her then-boyfriend, Spencer Pratt. He said the wrong things. He did the wrong things. He did not make many friends.

Fans of the show did not like Speidi, but they went on to get married and have kids, and he still managed to become the most-talked-about person on the show. He might have been the villain, but the world loves Spencer Pratt – and Spencer Pratt loves Lea Michele. He’s not worried about the fact that most Hollywood considers her a bully. He likes her, and we will tell you why. In fact, we’ll tell you everything Spencer’s been saying about some of Hollywood’s most talked-about celebs.

He Likes Lea Michele

Spencer Pratt is no stranger to the world of rumors and bad reputations. He’s got one of his own. He knows it. He owns it. He created that personality on national television, and he’s done well with it. When he met Lea Michele for the first time, it was during a lunch date with his own wife. She summoned the reality stars to her table to speak with them.

At first, Pratt was unsure how that would go. He liked the actress, but he’d heard the rumors. She was, however, nothing but kind to Speidi. In fact, she told the couple she loved them and their nickname, and she was a huge fan of both. That was all Spencer Pratt needed to know. He continues to be a Lea Michele fan despite the rumors and what other people are saying – and why not? She was nice to him.

Spencer Pratt Blames Blames Brody Jenner’s Ex for Kim Kardashian Feud

We all know that Brody Jenner is the ex-step-brother to the Kardashian girls. After all, his father married their mother, and they went on to have two kids together when Caitlynn was still Bruce. However, we’ve also all heard the rumors that the family does not speak to one another any longer. The Kardashian sisters were not present for a few family functions, and the Jenner brothers were noticeably absent from a few, too. Now the world knows that Brody and Kim haven’t spoken in a long time despite once being close. Spencer Pratt can tell you exactly why that is. It turns out he’s team Kim on this one.

Credit: @spencerpratt

It all goes back to 2014, according to Pratt. Kim and Kanye were getting married. Their venue was small, and they didn’t offer Brody Jenner a plus one. He’d only just begun dating Kaitlynn Carter, and she was furious she was not invited. Brody decided to side with her, and the family odds became known to all. Brody Jenner and Spencer are still good friends, but Pratt thinks he was wrong to take sides with his now ex over his stepsister.

Spencer Isn’t A Fan of Audrina Patridge, Either

When the former Hills star wrote a book recently, she admitted that she thought Lauren Conrad got what she wanted and was not overly kind to some people. Audrina did not have very nice things to say, but she also never apologized to Speidi despite the fact that she says she witnessed LC being very mean to her without really having a reason other than just not liking her boyfriend – who is still her husband to this day. However, Spencer is not having any of that.

He’s fine with not being friendly with Lauren Conrad, but he’s not happy that Audrina continued to be friends with her even when Audrina knew she was wrong and that things weren’t all they seemed to be. Part of Spencer’s charm is that he always says what is on his mind, and he is not overly concerned about what anyone else thinks.

Credit: @spencerpratt

This is, on the flip side of things, also why he wasn’t the most beloved person on reality television. Now he’s hilarious, and everyone loves when he has something to say on social media. However, he is just living his life, doing what he does, and he is doing what he can for his family. The world loves him now, and it might be a quick lesson.

You can’t judge someone you only see after editing and other reality television show tricks. Sometimes, they’re cooler than you think…or they’re not. We’ll leave you with that one to chew on.

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