Nick Kroll Animated Netflix Comedy ‘Big Mouth’ Gets Release Date

So Nick Kroll’s show Big Mouth is coming out soon, yeah……Oh my God, really? It’s hard to condemn anything without sounding like a hypocrite anymore but really, looking at the two trailers that exist on the web so far is something that made my eyes pop and my jaw drop. And really, that’s not an easy thing to do. Like I said though, condemning anything we see any longer kind of just makes a person look like a massive hypocrite so here we go.

We all know how hard puberty is. We’ve been through it, and at this point some of have kids that have gone through it or are going through it. Puberty is normally one of the toughest times of your life because everything is changing and you don’t know why. Girls and boys both go through it in different phases and at different times and if you have a boy and a girl in your house then you might be wondering which foot to jump to for about six to eight years if not longer. And if you have a house filled with daughters then God help you.

Big Mouth is all about going through puberty and what it means, what it does, and how it affects the people around the main characters. It’s a story of shame, of anger, and of utter, nonstop confusion that is the trademark of puberty and the undeniable onset of the insanity that one must expect when this time hits.

There’s no running away from puberty and there’s nothing that can stop it. Puberty is like the movie monster of your life that can’t be stopped by anything short of the end of the world, and it’s something that all parents know is coming. It’s usually said that it’s worse for girls than for boys largely because it’s believed that emotions are more keenly felt and for boys, this means hiding and being extremely secretive while typically for girls this means being normal one minute and absolutely crazy the next.

Those stereotypes aren’t completely right, but they are eerily close to the truth. The show at least has the hormone monsters to blame a good deal of it on, though in real life hormones are real, but thankfully not the insidious things that are depicted on the show. They’re just as bad however and are fully in control by the time puberty hits.

A cartoon about puberty and what it causes seems kind of vulgar and a little disturbing, but with so much else on TV at the moment it hardly seems like the worst thing that anyone could possibly watch. Would I let kids watch it? That’d be a big fat and emphatic NO. Would teens be able to watch it? That might be more allowable simply since teens are more often than not more mature and can handle such content. But there’s no need to give younger kids any ideas as of yet.

Their time will come soon enough.

Big Mouth will be released on September 29th on Netflix.


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