“Soy Pablo”: A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

“Soy Pablo”: A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

“Soy Pablo”:  A Bad Lip Reading of Narcos, a Netflix Original Series

I have to admit I’m not sure what to think about the bad lip reading of Narcos. I’ve got to admit I have never watched the show but I’ve seen enough on the previews to know that it’s anything but a comedy. Also, if this is bad lip reading I’d really love to know what they’re actually saying and what’s going down in the movie. It’s fairly impressive that the words being spoken correlate with the lip movements of the actors. Either that or I’m really reading something into this that’s not there.

There have been times as I can recall that people have done bad lip readings on purpose just to mess with a movie and they came out pretty funny. Of course those attempts were more obvious since they were shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and they were just trying to make fun of the movie without any real content being added or taken away. This bad lip reading makes it seem like there’s an entirely different version of Narcos that might actually be kind of amusing.

I kind of wonder if they’re thinking about doing any other popular Netflix shows like this. The MCU could definitely be spiced up by a bad lip reading, particularly something as droll as Iron Fist. The Defenders would even be a good idea, and Daredevil might get even more attention if they decided to do a spoof such as this. Just imagine the ratings that would come from watching a lighter side of the many different shows that Netflix has to offer. I think subscriptions would go up at least a little as people tried to see what all the hype was about.

First though this idea has to get a little more attention than just going online. Maybe they should devise a Netflix section that’s dedicated to just bad lip reading. It might be a short-lived section but it could generate some buzz I think. Narcos could be just one of many that would showcase a funnier side of so many shows that are so intense and serious. It would be like a spoof list made exclusively for Netflix, which would be kind of cool.

Soy Pablo is the kind of show that that you might look at and cock your head as you kind of try and equate the actors’ performance with what actually did happen in the show. It’s more confusing for those of us that didn’t watch the show than those that did for the mere reason that we don’t know what to believe and what not to. For all we know Narcos was a complete spoof show, but I doubt it so that theory goes up in smoke pretty quickly.

But without any real basis as to what we should expect this just becomes a very hilarious and off the wall joke about a show that is otherwise very serious and very intense. Of course watching Pablo’s mother slap the guy in the face repeatedly while saying “Mama’s gotta hit that!” was pretty funny.


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