Something Feels Off With That ’90s Show Trailer

Something Feels Off With That ’90s Show Trailer
Something Feels Off With That ’90s Show Trailer

Credit: That 90’s Show

I didn’t catch on to the That ’70s Show craze until after the series finale. What got me instantly was the funny one-liners, wacky but realistic characters, and the fun chemistry between the cast. Now, let’s be real here, the show went downhill once Topher Grace left the series. I won’t even talk about the spinoff known as That 80s Show. However, when news came out about That ’90s Show where Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) would return, then my excitement level was sky high. That ’70s Show is not a perfect, all-time classic series. However, it was fun, and I’m hoping that could be said about the upcoming spinoff.

Of course, I can’t judge the new series just yet as I haven’t seen it. It could turn out to be one of the greatest comedies ever made for television. However, the recent full trailer just feels…off. First, the cast looks way too young. I understand that Grace, Ashton Kutcher, and most of the cast were over the age of 18 when the show first aired. Still, they felt perfect for their respective roles. Even Mila Kunis, who was 14 upon casting, felt right at home as Jackie. Based on the drinking, smoking weed, and driving seems that they’re playing early high school kids. None of them feel natural for that role, honestly. Why? Because it somewhat seems as if the new cast is trying to mimic what the original cast did, but with a diversified twist.

That ’70s Show Wasn’t Perfect, But…

The Cast Seems To Be Mimicking The Original 70’s Show Characters

No one really stands out as special or different from the original cast. However, I do understand that I’m likely wrong since I haven’t seen any episodes yet. I’m sure everyone has their quirks that separate them from Hyde, Kelso, Donna, Jackie, Eric, and Fez. Yet, that classic scene of the gang high as a kite doing that 70’s show signature circle spin felt as if they were trying to come across as cheap imitations. Even Leia Forman comes across as the exact embodiment of her father, Eric. When we heard the new cast speak, the comedic timing and jokes just didn’t land. In fact, most of my enjoyment is based on seeing the returns of most of the original cast.

Something Feels Off With That ’90s Show Trailer

That 90’s Show

That ’90s Show Doesn’t Seem As If It Matches The Time Period

That isn’t the only problem, as the show doesn’t feel 90’s. One of the things that made The 70s Show such a blast was how in tune with the time period it felt. Returning to Red and Kitty’s house will always bring back fond memories, but the lack of changes in the production and setting really makes the series seem small and stuck in its past. When you look at shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved By The Bell, or other 90s television, you feel the vibe of that decade.

Something Feels Off With That ’90s Show Trailer

Credit: That 90’s Show

There are no funny haircuts like flat tops or spiked hair, or even the fashion styles that were prominent then. Everyone looks clean and doesn’t have a sense of style that truly represents the culture. Perhaps I’m making too big of a fuss over a simple trailer, but it wasn’t particularly good. The laugh track felt outdated and awkward, the new actors felt like they were acting, and most of the scenes felt like a trip down memory lane. That ’90s Show trailer came across more as a student film who half-assed their research on what the ’90s was about. Hopefully, I’m wrong, and this turns out to be a great spinoff. However, a trailer is an advertisement of the full series, and man, this felt like a cheap intimation of That 70’s Show.

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