Someone Broke into Disneyland During Closure and Got Arrested

Someone Broke into Disneyland During Closure and Got Arrested

People are sick and tired of the quarantine and social distancing that’s been foisted upon us, that much is obvious. But regardless of this and definitely regardless of how bad our cabin fever gets, wandering into an area that’s typically off limits even in the best of times, is still against the law. Somehow 18-year old Jeremiah Smith didn’t get that lesson at one point or another in his life since he decided it was okay to climb the gate to Disneyland and muck around at his leisure until the cops finally found him near a construction site close the Guardians of the Galaxy exhibit according to B. Alan Orange of MovieWeb. Authorities stated that the young man didn’t have anything on him at the time but that they believed he was there to steal whatever he could. The question of course is: how in the world did he expect to get out of there with anything? Likely as not Jeremiah had his reasons for being there and maybe had some sort of haphazard plan for trying to get out. Or maybe he broke in to prove that he could, that the security measures around Disneyland weren’t all that great and that a dedicated thief with a plan could really make a great deal of trouble for the park. That does sound a little grandiose, but it might explain why he was just chilling at a construction site without having stolen anything when he had to know that the cops were coming for him. It’s either that or Jeremiah is a few bricks short of a load and didn’t think beyond the idea of jumping the gate.

A lot of folks are unhappy about the quarantine and the fact that Disneyland and other major theme parks have been shut down for a while, but at the same time a lot of people need to chill the hell out and realize that there’s more to life than dropping a house payment or more in a park that’s designed to cost more than a single paycheck and offer up stuff that costs far less to make in terms of merchandise and food. Jacob Passy of MarketWatch has his own opinion on the matter. Obviously there are plenty of maintenance and upkeep costs that help to drive the price up, but if anyone’s been to Disneyland lately they might realize that when the park was doing well and hadn’t been shut down for a month it was still necessary for many families to save for a year or two to make the trip. Think about what’s going to happen when they reopen, and how much they’re going to need to stay open, since one can only imagine just how careful they’re going to have to be to insure that the park is kept neat and clean and hopefully free of any threat of the coronavirus. Right now the park has only been closed for a month, and the idea was to open it by the end of March. That day came and went and it was still a no-go, which means that people are hoping and praying that the park will open by May, though it’s still hard to say whether this will happen either.

If there’s anyone to feel sorry for at this point it would be the employees that depend on the park for a paycheck. At this point it doesn’t matter how many horror stories one hears about working at Disneyland, the steady paycheck was still a big reason that many people continued to clock in every day. While some folks might have moved on or started receiving unemployment benefits the fact is that the Mouse House will have to bring them all back or find a new crew to open up the park when and if it’s allowed this coming month. Otherwise it’s bound to be another round of waiting and watching as the company bleeds even more green without a way to stop the flow. Such a though kind of puts the whole idea of someone trespassing in an empty park into perspective, but really, letting Jeremiah off with a trespassing citation does sound a little frustrating, despite the fact that he didn’t steal or damage anything. It’s a precedent that might come back to haunt those that handed down the citation at one point, since if Disneyland remains closed this one incident might serve as an example of how to better infiltrate the park and avoid being seen, or caught.

It’s very easy to feel sorry for those employees that are out of a job, but feeling sorry about the closure of Disneyland is much harder as it’s a good reminder that a person doesn’t need to spend their life savings to have fun. Despite being housebound, a lot of people are hopefully finding that they can come up with other ways to enjoy time with their loved ones that don’t involve emptying their bank accounts.

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