10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chloe Bridges

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chloe Bridges

Whether you know Chloe Bridges from Pretty Little Liars, Insatiable, or one of her many other roles, she’s one of those stunning and sassy actresses who you never forget once you’ve watched them. We love everything about this dark-haired beauty from her ability to tackle a tough part to her style and attitude. Naturally, we got curious about what else there is to know about the rising star. As it turns out, there’s a lot. For example, she’s pretty much addicted to her chapstick. Then again, with lips like hers, who could blame her for protecting them? As random as that little factoid is, we found so much more. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Chloe Bridges.

1. Hollywood Tween

Born in Thibodaux, Louisiana, on December 27, 1991, Chloe Suazo (professionally known as Chloe Bridges) twenty-seven-year-old actress knew precisely where she was going in life. At age thirteen, her family relocated to Los Angeles, and she immediately went into movies. It’s no surprise that she got picked up right away. Her first role was in Freddie, but not the one with the knife-hands. She played opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. in the sitcom he co-created with Conrad Jackson about his life. Chloe played his sister Zoey for twenty-one episodes. Not too shabby for a kid who moved to L.A. that year.

2. Almost a Rock Star

Do you remember the massive Disney hit that was Camp Rock? Well, things could have gone very differently. Chloe tried out for the role of Mitchie Torres. She came pretty close to getting the part, too, but in the end, Disney went with Demi Lovato instead. That means two things, first, Disney missed out on a great young actress, and second, Chloe can sing really well.

3. Nerdy & Musical

There’s more behind that pretty smile than a great set of pipes and some obvious acting talent. Chloe has also been studying the piano for a decade. When it comes to having it all, we can’t think of a better example than Bridges. Chloe is also a self-professed nerd. She was John Muir Middle School’s “Student of the Month” in early 2005.

4. Inspiration

Smart, talented, and willing to play a villain might make Chloe seem like the sort of gal who’s unsentimental and pretty-but-evil. While there’s no shortage of sass in Chloe, she’s not a nasty person just because she’s played one on TV. She has a soft spot in her heart for saccharine inspirational quotes. That’s one way to keep your head up and your spirits high when you’re waiting on a Hollywood casting director to (hopefully) call you back. Don’t worry, Chloe. You got this, so just hang in there, baby.

5. Involved with Disney

She might not have been cast for Mitchie in Camp Rock, but Chloe was a Disney kid. We can’t blame her for wanting to be a part of that song and dance-filled world; after all, it is the happiest place on Earth if the ad campaign is correct. She made it into the cast for the second Camp Rock movie, where she played Nick Jona’s love interest. However, her Disney experience reportedly didn’t end there. She may have ended up dating Cody Linley for a couple of years, but there’s little by way of proof, so you’ll have to ask her if it’s true.

6. Huge Filmography

For a woman who’s only twenty-seven, Chloe has been in an impressive number of films and TV shows. There are almost forty credits to her name as far as movies and shows are concerned. On top of that, Chloe has been in at least three music videos. It seems that from the moment she moved to Hollywood, Chloe has done nothing but work on various sets, filming a ton of fantastic parts. There are plenty of really great actors and actresses who’ve been in Hollywood twice that long with half as many credits to their name. We certainly expect to see plenty more from Chloe in the future.

7. Digital Girl

If you work in Hollywood long enough these days, just about every actor and actress ends up doing some voice work somewhere. They do a cartoon between films or get picked up for a great video game like Norman Reedus in Death Stranding. Chloe Bridges is no exception. She voiced Danielle Van De Kamp in the Desperate Housewives Game.

8. Poly Sci at Columbia

Did we mention that Chloe is more than just ‘nerdy?’ She’s actually brilliant. When Chloe isn’t on set somewhere, she’s studying Political Science at Columbia University. That’s right. Her fallback plan is going to an Ivy League school. We don’t quite know what to say about Chloe Bridges’ motivation level beyond the obvious; it’s off the charts.

9. Contortionist

This is almost as random as her love affair with chapstick. Chloe has another talent. Though we’re not quite sure whether we’ll ever get to see it on screen. Apparently, she can make some double-jointed contortion moves. While some people might be freaked out by that, we can see how it would be useful and open up even more roles in the future. Especially if she ever decides to do more horror movies, that unusual quirk could turn into some gorgeously scary moments on film.

10. Congrats Chloe

Adam Devine, the comedian and singing sensation who played Boomer in the Pitch Perfect franchise, has been dating Chloe for a while. Four years is forever in Hollywood. Clearly, she appreciates the way the handsome comedian makes her laugh. Plus, we’d bet they sing a mean duet. The couple announced recently that they’re engaged and will be getting married. We wish the stars all the best, and we hope they have tons of ridiculously talented children.

Final Thoughts

Chloe is living proof that some people win the genetic lottery, and if they’re sufficiently motivated, they can do pretty much anything. We can’t imagine being so busy for a decade and a half. It must be all those motivational quotes keeping her in the right frame of mind, or maybe she’s just lucky. Either way, we’re impressed, and Chloe always keeps us glued to the screen when she’s on.

We look forward to seeing what she’ll do next.

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