10 Things You Didn’t Know about Soha Ali Khan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Soha Ali Khan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Soha Ali Khan

When she sneezes, the press is there to snap a quick pic and write an article about how quickly she recovered. Actress Soha Ali Khan is a household name across the continent, and everyone cares about everything she is up to. The beautiful actress has been in the business since 2004, and she doesn’t even look like she’s old enough to have been here to do the work she’s been doing since that time. The Indian actress has fans across the globe, yet the world is clamoring to learn more about her.

1. She is Older Than You Think

No one likes to discuss a lady’s age, but sometimes we have to. She is so gorgeous, and it’s impossible to imagine that she was born in 1978 or that she’s 43. She was born on October 4 of 1978, and you could have fooled us by more than 10 years.

2. She is the Daughter of Famous Parents

Her mother and father are both famous, as is so common in India. It seems that all of the most famous stars from this part of the world have famous parents, and it seems to us that either nepotism is huge there or talent runs deep in the water. She is the daughter of a famous Indian Cricket Captain called Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Her mother is a famous actress by the name of Sharmila Tagore.

3. She is Well-Educated

Before she began her career as an actress, she obtained an impressive education. She was a student at the Balliol College in Oxford, and then she was a student at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, which is where she obtained her Master’s Degree (she studied international relations while there).

4. She is Married

When her current husband asked her to be his wife, it was the kind of proposal dreams are made of. They were together in Paris when he asked. She said yes. It was 2014. They were wed in January of 2015 in Mumba. Their wedding was the happiest day of their lives up until that point.

5. She is a Mother

She and her husband are so happy to have a child together. They were married for a few years prior to welcoming their daughter. Her name is Inaaya Naumi Khemu. Her parents welcomed her into the world on September 29, 2017. She will turn five in 2022.

6. Her Mother Has Other Dreams for Her

Despite the fact that she is a famous actress and has a successful career to speak of, her mother is not that overwhelmed with her daughter’s career choice. In fact, her mother still thinks that her daughter will one day attend law school and become an attorney even at the age of 43. It’s such a mom thing, though.

7. She Wants to See Her Daughter Follow Her Footsteps

Well, she’d like to see her daughter live out her dreams and do what she feels passionate about when she is old enough to decide what that might be. However, she would love it if her own child followed her educational footsteps and chooses to go to college at Oxford University much like her mother.

8. She is Happy

The one thing that is certain about this young actress is that she is so happy with her life. Her daughter and her husband bring her an amazing amount of joy, and there is nothing she loves more than to share the occasional photos of her daughter online for the world to see.

9. She’s Private

While she might share some of what is going on in her world and in her life, she is careful about what she posts and who she shares her life with. She is still a famous figure across the world, and sharing too much with anyone is always a mistake. She keeps things to herself that is the most important, but she is also good at allowing the world to feel she’s sharing so much more than she really is.

10. She is Close to Her Family

She is close to both of her parents and her siblings. They all seem to work in the entertainment world in some capacity, though her sister is a designer of jewelry. However, they are a very close family who spends ample time together, and it shows. They are always saying kind things about one another, giving one another a hard time in a sweet manner as families do, and they are constantly seen out together.Famous Parents

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