Diving Deep into TLC’s sMothered: 10 Intriguing Facts

Smothered TLC

For those who are curious, sMothered is a new show that is being broadcast on TLC. Given the name, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that it is about adult daughters with very, very strong relationships with their mothers, so much so that some of their habits are bound to raise eyebrows for a lot of viewers out there. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about sMothered:

1. The Name Is a Bit Misleading

With that said, sMothered is a rather misleading name. This is because it implies that the daughters are feeling suffocated by their relationships with their mothers. However, the daughters don’t seem to see things in this manner, though that isn’t to say that their relationships with their mothers are free from both issues and potential issues.

2. Seems to Have Been Initiated By the Production Company

There are some reality TV shows that were pitched to their production companies by their cast members. In contrast other reality TV shows were created by the people at their production companies themselves. It seems that sMothered is an example of the latter rather than the former because one of the daughter-mother pairs has stated that they got involved when they heard about a production company looking for daughters and mothers with very close relationships with one another.

3. Features Various Daughter-Mother Pairs

Naturally, sMothered features not one but rather a number of daughter-mother pairs. This way, even if viewers aren’t particularly fond of one daughter-mother pair, there are others that provide the show with further opportunities to capture and hold their interest.

4. One Pair Is Cher and Dawn

One of the pairs is Cher and Dawn. The two might be daughter and mother, but in practice, they seem more like sisters, seeing as how they look like one another, speak like one another, and even behave like one another. On top of this, both Cher and Dawn even got married to Jewish doctors at around the same time. With that said, the hook for this particular pair is the idea that Cher has a huge secret that she has concealed from her mother, which she fears could threaten their close relationship if revealed.

5. One Pair Is Angelica and Sunhe

Another pair consists of Angelica and Sunhe. They are one of the pairs that are likeliest to evoke a strong reaction on the part of viewers, seeing as how their behavior is a bit extreme even by the standards of the other pairs mentioned here. For instance, the two sleep in the same bed. Furthermore, the two even use the same bathwater, which might be very frugal but is also very weird by the standards of the overwhelming majority of people in the United States. As for the hook, it seems to be Angelica wanting to go further in her relationship with her boyfriend.

6. One Pair Is Cristina and Kathy

There is a third pair of Cristina and Kathy. In their case, their close relationship with one another seems to be troubled by Cristina’s marriage. To be exact, both Cristina and Kathy are involved in raising Cristina’s children, so much so that Kathy is described as being more of a co-parent than a grandparent. This antagonizes Cristina’s husband and her in-laws, who feel that Kathy is taking matters much too far, thus creating the potential for a more serious feud between the two halves of the family.

7. One Pair Is Mariah and Sandra

The fourth pair is Mariah and Sandra, who are best friends with one another. As such, the two do just about everything together, with examples range from double dating and partying. Something that seems to be driven by Mariah’s desire for her mother Sandra to have more fun in her life, which is causing Sandra to start pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t considered to be proper behavior for mothers interacting with their daughters.

8. Not Cher’s First Time on Reality TV

It is interesting to note that this isn’t Cher’s first time on a reality TV show. This is because she was on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, which in her case, resulted in a Mardi Gras-themed celebration. Moreover, this is because she was on another MTV show called Exiled, in which she was sent off to the Embera tribe in the jungles of Panama to learn their ways before she could return. Meanwhile, most of the other pairs seem to be relative newcomers to reality TV, though they are no less enthusiastic about their participation in this.

9. Cristina and Kathy Are In Constant Contact

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cristina and Kathy are in constant contact with one another. For instance, it has been said that both Cristina’s first call of the day and her last call of the day are to her mother Kathy. During this chat-time, the two lay out their plans for each day, which involves eating together for at least one meal but up to all three meals in it. Regardless, as far as Kathy is concerned, there is nothing wrong with their relationship because it means nothing than that they are very close with one another.

10. The Show Focuses on Other Family Members to Some Extent

Of course, sMothered focuses a fair amount on the other family members in the daughter-mother pairs’ lives, thus providing interested individuals with more context about what is happening as well as how that impacts the other people around them. For instance, the part that is focused on Cristina and Kathy covers both Cristina’s father Carlo and Cristina’s sister Carly. It is interesting to note that while Carly does feel left out sometimes, she doesn’t actually see any particularly problematic with how Kathy mothers her children. However, considering how some of the pairs have been described, it is clear that this sentiment isn’t universal.

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