Stretch Armstrong Series Coming to Netflix: What We Know

Stretch Armstrong Series Coming to Netflix: What We Know

Hasbro has teamed up with Netflix to announce the coming of a new animated series. “Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters” is the resurrection of the popular kid’s toy in TV series form. The order has been placed and it is now underway. The superhero will give kids one more character to admire.

Here is what we know about the show so far:

Stretch starts out as a normal kid

Before he is transformed into a super hero, Stretch Armstrong’s name is Jake Armstrong. Jake is a normal high school student. He and his best buddies Ricardo Perez and Nathan Park come into contact with a dangerous chemical that changes them forever. What were once normal students are transformed into superheroes. The trio set out on adventures that are the stuff that both dreams and nightmares are made of. This will make it easy for kids to relate to them, because they start out as average boys who don’t possess any special powers that make them different from everybody else.

It will be filled with action

The storyline itself if filled with fast paced action. Netflix, in their dealings with Hasbro knew that their audience would need something that moved at a fast pace to hold the attention of their younger viewers. Netflix has full confidence that the series will be a hit with their large numbers of viewers because of the adventure that is built-in to each episode. The unlikely trio will go about their lives using their new abilities only for good. This will create more needed role models for the young people who watch.

Popular stars lend their voices

There is a long list of talent who will appear as the voices of the main characters in the show. Kate Mulgrew will be Dr. C; Scott Menville of “Teen Titans Go!” will take the lead as Stretch/Jake Armstrong; Ogie Banks of “Ultimate Spider-Man is Ricardo Perez and his other part, Omni Mass; Steven Yeun of “The Walking Dead” is Nathan Park and Wingspan and Will Wheaton will be Rook. There are other famous personalities who are on board with the show that will make it really exciting and it may even appeal to a more mature audience as well.

Most older guys can remember back to 1976, when owning a heavily muscled Stretch Armstrong figure was a big deal. Back then, kids had to rely upon their imaginations because there wasn’t a television series to inspire them with a back-story or new adventures. They had to make things up as they went along. The series is likely to be nostalgic for parents who remember the cool dolls.

Worldwide availability

The series is set to air later in 2017 on Netflix. They’ve already completed twenty six episodes so they are set for a long run of kids’ entertainment. It will be available in multiple countries throughout the world. The show was developed by Victor Cook of “Scooby-Doo” fame, Chris “Doc” Wyatt, famous for “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Ultimate Spider-Man” and Kevin Burk of “Avengers Assemble.”

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