Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Episode 13: Abbie reveals her secret and the Jersey Devil comes to town

Sleepy Hollow

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but it seems that every show is having that “blast from the past” thing going on, much like this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow. The Witnesses cross paths with the Jersey Devil, also known as Japeth Leeds, a rival scientist who was shunned by the scientific community, Benjamin Franklin included, who went Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on himself and transformed into said Devil.

It was interesting to find out about Pandora’s backstory and how she came to meet her future husband/partner in crime. I have to admit that it was fascinating that Leeds knew all about Pandora to the point where he made a movie about it with a steampunk-esque film projector, but it confused me as to how Leeds was able to create the movie. Being a scientist, even one who is on the side of evil, I’m sure that he is well aware of the fact that time travel is extremely dangerous right?

I rolled my eyes when Ichabod started to rant a little about the fact that they’re having Eggs Benedict for brunch. Yes, it’s named after the traitor who sold out the U.S, but it’s what the dish is called so get over it, Ichabod Crane! You’re lucky I feel sorry for you when you had your citizenship application rejected because you missed an important interview while rescuing Abbie from the catacombs!

While we’re on the subject of Abbie, it’s evident that the strange symbol has a magical hold on her as she held onto a golden Olympic medal version of it in her hand after giving Ichabod the antidote to cure him of the Jersey Devil’s venomous sting before the man out of time dies for real this time instead of being in a sleep-like state for hundreds of years. When Abbie spilled the first antidote solution and fell into a trance after seeing the symbol on the table, I thought for sure that Ichabod was done for, but I know that main characters don’t get killed off for no reason, so the devastating long wail of “No” is not required. I would however, like to know how Ichabod knew how to make the antidote. Did he read it somewhere and I missed the scene? I want to know!

Meanwhile, Jenny and Joe have some kinks to work out in their relationship as Joe crossed one too many boundaries. He first replaced Jenny’s broken water main and then gets her a brand new trailer to replace the old one. Granted, he’s just trying to do something nice for his girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean that Jenny will jump into his arms with gratitude after finding out what he had done. At least Joe put everything back to normal and earned himself an intense lip lock with Jenny. I laughed when Jenny went into her trailer and locked Joe out. That’s what you get for overstepping boundaries, Joe Corbin!

When the big confrontation/fight scene came, I was expecting to see the Jersey Devil be destroyed with a magic-induced weapon of sorts, but the lightning rod that Leeds built was good enough as Abbie speared him with it and Ichabod said to the Devil that Benjamin Franklin sends his regards before letting Mother Nature finish him off with a blast of lightning.

I didn’t really enjoy watching this episode of Sleepy Hollow as I did the previous ones, but I liked certain aspects of it like the Hidden One’s declaration of starting a new world at the end when he flipped the hourglass over as the Sands of Life began to drain from the top half of the hourglass. In the words of Scooby-Doo: Ruh-oh.

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