Six Facts Everyone Must Know About Emily In Paris’ Lucas Bravo

Six Facts Everyone Must Know About Emily In Paris’ Lucas Bravo

Six Facts Everyone Must Know About Emily In Paris’ Lucas Bravo

If you’ve been watching Emily in Paris, you might be gushing over Emily’s love interest, Gabriel. Everyone wants a hot neighbor who’s also a chef, right? The heartthrob who plays Gabriel in the romantic comedy series is French actor and model Lucas Bravo. With Emily in Paris announcing last month a third and fourth season, we are definitely looking forward to how Emily and Gabriel’s relationship will unfold. With his breakout role in Emily in Paris, he seems to be getting his name out there and has been working on more projects. According to Deadline, Bravo wrapped filming Dean Craig’s romantic comedy film The Honeymoon last October. The French actor stars alongside Maria Bakalova, who received an Oscar nomination for her performance in Borat 2. Bravo is also set to appear in the upcoming period drama film adaptation of Paul Gallico’s novel Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris starring Oscar nominees Lesley Manville and Isabelle Huppert, and directed by Anthony Fabian. It has also been confirmed that Bravo was cast in the upcoming romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Kaitlyn Dever, and directed by Ol Parker. If following the French actor on Instagram via @lucasnbravo did not give you enough information, here are six facts about Lucas Bravo that are worth knowing.

His role as Gabriel is his first breakout role and first American project

Emily in Paris premiered on Netflix in October 2020. The romantic comedy gives us a slice of Parisian life through Emily, and when the charming Gabriel walks into Emily’s life, we all wished for a neighbor like him. You probably haven’t seen Gabriel’s face in other American shows because Emily in Paris is Lucas Bravo’s first breakout role and his appearance in an American series. The French actor had training in the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and at Tiffany Stern’s Actors Factory in Paris. Before bagging the role of Gabriel in Emily on Paris, Bravo appeared in small roles in French television series such as Sous le Soleil de Saint-Tropez and Plus Belle la Vie, as well as in some short films such as Relation Libre, Caprice and Beautiful Injuries. Some of his notable roles include his role as Mathieu in the series Plus belle la vie, Adrien in the mini TV series T.O.C. and Antoine in the French film Smart Ass. In an article by Vogue France, Bravo shared some of his struggles being a Frenchman on an American stage. “I felt very French when we went to the canteen for the first time at lunch break. There were pitchers of red wine on all the tables and Darren Star said to me, “do you know that yours is the only country where the film’s script requires you to have red wine on the table?”

He has actual experience as a sous chef

What’s interesting to know is that Lucas Bravo shares some similarities with his character Gabriel because he has actual experience of being a sous chef. He really did cook the omelet and tortillas for Emily. In an article published by Grazia Magazine they shared his response in an interview with a film critic about how he was able to relate to Gabriel when he read the script. “A few years ago I was a sous chef in a restaurant. So when I first got the scripts, I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is definitely for me, I’m definitely going to use those skills. And then they made me cook the tortillas that I made for Emily on the show.”

He’s not so much into fame and being a heartthrob

In an interview with The Times, Bravo shared that becoming a heartthrob overnight from his debut in an American series felt rushed for him. He explained why he did not want to be typecast as a heartthrob or just a pretty face. “I’m healthy, of course, but I can be overweight … All the little things that define who you are and make you human once you’re in that (heartthrob) category are perceived like a flaw,” the actor stated. He further shared that he does not want to be perfect and has been working against a perfect image.

He’s a professional model

Before his acting career, Lucas Bravo’s main career was modeling. He is signed to Viva Model Management in Paris and has appeared in several prominent ad campaigns. In 2017, he starred alongside Ellie Bamber as a handsome driver and love interest in an advertisement for the French luxury fashion house Chanel.

His dream collaboration is with Denzel Washington

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Bravo was asked about his dream collaboration and responded that it would be Denzel Washington. “I could probably end my career right after collaborating with him,” he shared. Aside from Washington, Bravo also admires the work of Mark Ruffalo and Matthew McConaughey. He shared with Vogue France that he admires how McConaughey has redirected his career starting from romantic comedies to starring in more serious roles such as Interstellar. “I find it pretty brilliant that an actor can still reinvent their career and style along the way,” Bravo shared.

He’s currently not dating anyone

The question that everyone’s been asking is probably about Lucas Bravo’s relationship status. All his fans wille be happy to hear that he’s not dating anyone so far. According to Elle Australia he confirmed to Glamour in 2020 that he wasn’t dating anyone. Although we’d love to ship Gabriel with Camille or Emily, Lucas Bravo has told Elle Australia that it was unlikely and not ideal for him to date a co-star. When asked about his type, he responded that he doesn’t have a type. “I like that ‘instant connection’. Sometimes, you just run into someone, you look at this person in the eyes, and in an instant, in a second, so much is said… Just feeling safe and feeling like there’s an old soul in front of me, and we’ve always known each other [like] in a past life or something… it’s something you cannot see, and that’s mostly what I’m looking for.”Borat 2

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