Silicon Valley Review: Jack Is Fired, Gavin Acquires Endframe

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Last week’s Silicon Valley was just pure madness. The guys worked so hard to form a plan to build the platform right under Jack’s nose only to have Richard ruin it in one of the most comic ways possible. Jack is furious of course. He threatens to fire them and make them ‘unhireable all over town’. But Richard has the cheek to point out that without them, Jack can’t build the box. With leverage on his side, Richard makes a deal with Jack: they’ll build the box and then build the platform. So, both of them win, right? That should be enough for anyone. Well, not Jack it appears. I really don’t get why Jack is so opposed to the platform. He agrees with Richard only to double cross him later on.

Well so they start writing the ‘bullshit code’ needed for the box. Then Dang(that’s really his name) comes in to show Richard designs for the box. Except, instead of showing him designs, he shows him different pictures and asks him which ones he like. Richard’s pissed off of course and tells him to just build the Goddamn box. After all, it’s just a box which will be put into some dark basement. Who cares about what it looks like?

Except, and this is what I find most interesting, while Gilfoyle was writing ‘bullshit code’ he overextended himself and wrote much better code instead. As a result the preprocesser now runs a lot faster than Richard’s compresser. He offers to slow it down so they can integrate. Instead Richard decides to speed up his compresser to integrate with Gilfoyle’s preprocesser.

It’s funny because they were supposed to build the box with the bare minimum specs and somewhere a long the way they decided to build a beast instead. Now Dang comes in with a model that looks like…well it looks like a box. Now, the guys are having none of that. They want it to look like a jaguar, a cheetah and a gazelle. Suddenly, they care what it looks like. You know, it’s like when you’re asked to do something you don’t like and you decide to just wring it but then you actually start liking what you’re doing. It’s exactly one of those situations.

Meanwhile Denpok’s parking spot has been moved. So, he does what anyone would do in his place: he encourages Gavin to go up against Pied Piper. In the meantime, Erlich learns of a rival incubator and does the rational thing: he speeds off to confront the owner of the incubator who turns out to be Big Head. Yep, Nelson ‘Big Head’ who got fired at Hooli and received $20m for it. He decided to start up his own incubator with it. Erlich finds a new business opportunity here. Now I don’t know what Erlich has to offer to Nelson but Nelson being Big Head agrees to do business with him.

Now Gavin convenes a board meeting where he shames a bulldog in front of the entire board. Seriously, what is up with this show and animals? He compares Nucleus to the bulldog and then supposedly pitches the idea of buying Endframe. Meanwhile, Maleant has refused to buy the box because they have a better offer. Since they won’t buy the box, Richard won’t be able to build the platform according to the deal. But when Richard tells Jack how fast the box is, they decide to meet with the CEO again. This time he agrees to buy the box.

At a board meeting, it is revealed that Maleant will have exclusive access to the algorithm if they buy it. Which means Richard won’t be able to build his platform for 7 years. Jack you double crossing little… Thankfully the motion to sell the box is denied when Monica sides with Richard.

Gavin calls Richard to gloat about his acquisition of endframe. Apparently, he’s now specified a price point for the platform meaning Jack can’t fight Laurie on the platform anymore. Hurrah! They storm into Pied Piper to find that Jack’s been fired. Pied Piper is leaderless with no one as the acting CEO. I’m sure this will provide interesting plot points in the future.

Favorite Moments:

  • “What a coincidence, I’ve also been writing bullshit code for 48 hours, and want you to kill yourself.”
  • Gavin insulting the bulldog was just golden.
  • And when Monica stood up to Laurie so she could help Richard out.
  • “Also I invite you to click yes, if our ad experience was relevant to you.”
  • Intoxicated Erlich is well…intoxicated Erlich
  • “I was here for 9. He was invited to my wedding.”
  • And of course, Jack getting fired.

Silicon Valley airs Sundays on HBO at 10:00 PM.

Silicon Valley 'Maleant Data Systems Solutions' Review


Silicon Valley delivers another excellent episode as Gavin insults a bulldog, Jack is fired and Erlich finds a business opportunity.

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