Why The Show Hello Ladies Need to Come Back on the Air

Why The Show Hello Ladies Need to Come Back on the Air

The lovable loser that tries so hard at life and tends to fail more often than not is a story we’ve all heard more than once, but when it’s told in a different voice each time it still manages to be endearing. Hello Ladies was a show written by Stephan Merchant and Lee Eisenberg detailing the life of an Englishman living in LA that is almost completely inept when it comes to being social and tries anything and everything he can to find the woman of his dreams. Yes it’s a premise that’s been run a hundred different ways but more than anything it’s one that people respond to and enjoy watching. Hello Ladies should have been given at least another season to explore a possibility of development. Instead it was given one season and a rather pitiful attempt at a hit movie that went nowhere.

So here are a few reasons why it should have been kept and how it could have actually done something that would have reached the viewers.

Despite his social awkwardness Stuart was inspirational in that he didn’t give up.

A lot of guys in real life would see one rejection or failed flop at a relationship as a sign that they should just give up and become the sad, forlorn losers that others seem to think they are. Perseverance in TV and films is something that people love to see and tend to be inspired by. So he struck out more than once during the show, that doesn’t matter. What does make a difference is that he went back and tried again. Those types of shows, when given the proper venue and actors, can actually help people to take a look at their own lives and gain a different perspective that allows them to continue on.

It was a funny show.

It wasn’t nonstop comedy but it was certainly amusing in some areas and hilarious in others. Stuart’s continuing schemes to get a girlfriend are kind of offset by the efforts of his friends to do their own thing which only makes the show that much more entertaining as he has to deal with their issues as well as his own. This brings the real life factor into the show a little more considering that a lot of us know what it’s like to have those awkward friends that try just as hard if not harder than us to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

If the story changed just enough it would be highly entertaining to bring the show back now. 

Going off the show and not the movie the dynamic between Stuart and Kimberley, the model he was trying to hook up with could be further explored. Also we could see just how Jessica’s life begins to unfold and might even get a further glimpse into Wade’s life. A lot of the story seemed to be just left hanging without any real closure, and that’s something that tends to drive fans nutty a lot of times. If nothing else another season would allow people to know just what happened to the main characters.

Hello Ladies could be what audiences want at this point and time considering it’s been absent from the TV for a couple of years.


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