When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other for 20 mins on Oprah

Remember that time when Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley roasted each other on Oprah? NBA players are notorious for getting on each other’s nerves. They trash talk, they get technical fouls for certain actions and they generally just make each other’s lives a living nightmare when they’re on the court. It’s funny then to realize that some of them are actually pretty good friends when they’re off the court. Take Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan for instance. Ever since their playing days they were always on opposing sides and no doubt had their fair share of issues, but when they got off the court they were usually pretty friendly. Watching them roast each other on Oprah you certainly get the idea that they’re still friendly, but somehow I also get the idea that Barkley just talks too much.

Back in the day when they were both still in their prime neither man was without fault. Jordan, despite being lauded as one of the greatest players to ever play the game, had his fair share of problems on the court as well. But few were ever as controversial as Barkley, who seemed to fully enjoy the idea of causing problems on the court and being one of the bad boys of the NBA. Barkley had a reputation for being a loudmouth back then and it followed him for the rest of his career, and it still follows him today.

He’s mellowed out obviously since those days but he’s still considered one of the biggest if not the best trash talkers in the game. Barkley didn’t really hold back when he had something to say or a point to make. He was a great player but on the court he was kind of a poor sport at times. Jordan was renowned for his ability but you didn’t get to see him talking trash all that often, his mind usually seemed to be firmly set on the game at hand. Watching them talk trash on Oprah though is kind of amusing. It’s almost like watching old men that used to be rivals trying to revive those feelings as they go back and forth telling stories of their youth of how they did this or that.

Barkley would no doubt win when it comes to telling such stories simply because he has the biggest mouth between the two of them and the ego to use it. While Jordan’s ego might be just as big if not bigger he’s never been the talker that a lot of the other players proved to be. He was so game-oriented and PC that it left a lot of people wondering what he was like away from the court and the cameras. Barkley never sugarcoated it apparently, he was the same way no matter where he was or who was watching.

The old rivalry seems pretty well left behind in favor of telling stories and recounting tales of the good old days while at the same time still ribbing one another over this or that. Michael definitely seemed a little more reserved than Charles though, go figure.

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