10 Interesting Things About Lisa Loring

10 Interesting Things About Lisa Loring

10 Interesting Things About Lisa Loring

10 Interesting Things About Lisa Loring

credit: The Addams Family

As Netflix’s TV series, Wednesday, continues to make waves, it brings back the nostalgia of watching the older Wednesday Addams, even its first TV adaptation in 1964–1966, The Addams Family. Although six actresses have played the character, a significant number of fans believe Lisa Loring had a unique portrayal of the character.

Loring may no longer be a popular name on our TV screens, but in remembrance of her talented contribution to Hollywood’s comedy and horror genres, here are 10 interesting things about the actress.

Keep reading to learn 10 interesting Lisa Loring facts.

1. Lisa Loring First Appeared On-screen as a Child Model at Age 3

Under the care of her mother, Loring started her career as a kid. At age 3, her modeling path kicked off and gave her a slot to feature on Dr. Kildare’s television show. Although it was a guest role created by the author, Fredrick Faust, it was well known amongst children of the 30s and 40s.

2. Her First Film Debut at Age 6 was Wednesday in The Addams Family

As an acting career breakthrough, Loring got her debut role acting as Wednesday Addams in the TV show series, The Addams Family. The series had two seasons and 64 episodes between 1964-1966. In the TV series, Loring plays the character of a strange little girl in love with macabre, bizarre pets and mysteries.

3. Lisa Loring Married Her First Husband at Age 15

Loring was only 15 years old when she married her childhood lover, Farrell Foumberg. The couple got married in 1973, and a year later after they had their first child and daughter, Vanessa. In that same year, the couple divorced. The divorce was quiet and didn’t attract much attention, so it was easy for Loring to move on.

4. Lisa Loring also Featured in 1977 Halloween with the New Addams Family

Fans of Loring’s portrayal of Wednesday in The Addams Family got a chance to see her in action again on Halloween with the New Addams Family. Loring came on board to play an older Wednesday Addams alongside a younger Wednesday Addams, played by Jennifer Suprenant.

Lisa Loring facts

credit: The Addams Family

5. Lisa Loring’s Mother Died from Alcoholism

Loring’s mom, Judith Loring, was an alcoholic. Her death in 1974 was ruled to be caused by alcohol. Her death left 16-year-old Loring to look after and fend for herself. This greatly affected her acting career as she was featured in fewer films during the 70s.

6. Lisa Loring Also Struggled with Alcohol and Drug addiction

At a point in Loring’s life, she fell prey to drug addiction and almost lost her life. With a declining career and a failing marriage, she soon began to abuse alcohol to drown her sorrows. Sometime in 1991, she walked in to see the corpse of her friend Kelly Van Dyke, who died from suicide by hanging.

After this encounter, especially because of her depression, the actress attempted suicide. To save herself, she checked herself into rehab in 1992.

7. Aside from Her Acting Career, Lisa Loring Did Some Writing Work

Although she was uncredited as a writer in the film, Loring contributed to the adult film Traci’s Big Trick script. It was a 1987 pornographic set where she functioned as a makeup artist and met her third husband.

8. Lisa Loring was also Featured in B-rated Slasher Films

Loring also made appearances in three slasher movies in the 80s. She played Dory in 1987 Blood Frenzy and also featured in Savage Harbor in the same year. In 1988, she played Jeanette in Jeff Kwitny’s Iced.

9. Lisa Loring’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth put her net worth to be around $500,000. Although she started as a child star in a popular TV series, Loring doesn’t compare much to her counterparts financially.

lisa loring facts

credit: The Addams Family

10. Lisa Loring Has Been Married and Divorced Four Times

Like her acting career, one may say she has been quite unfortunate with love and marriage. After the divorce from Farrell Foumberg in 1974, Loring got married seven years later to actor Doug Stevenson. With him, she had her second daughter, Marianne, and filed for divorce in 1983.

Her third husband, David Seiderman (with stage name Jerry Butler), an adult film actor, met her as a makeup artist on the same set. The duo fell in love, married the same year, and finally divorced after five years. Loring stayed single for a while before meeting her fourth husband, Graham Rich, in 2003. They were married for five years, separated in 2008, and officially divorced in 2014. Loring has decided to remain single ever since that time.

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