Should Warner Brothers Reboot Batwoman?

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Batwoman has arguably been a mess since the show made its debut on CW in 2019. If you looked on rotten tomatoes then you would think that the show was a critically lauded fan favorite, until you check out the audience score and understand how much people loathe the series. To be honest, the fact that it took three seasons to cancel the CW melodrama is astounding given that the ratings were never high, to begin with. Plus, there was the sudden exit of Ruby Rose and the superhero show became the epitome of every social justice warrior’s wet dreams. At the end of the day, Batwoman didn’t feel like a comic book series. It felt like a soap opera featuring Batwoman. Basically, it was your typical CW show. There is nothing wrong with making Batwoman a feminist type character, though but the problem is that the show went out of its way to tell you that women are better than men. For some odd reason, Batman is somewhat trashed by making him abandon Gotham City in order for Batwoman to rise up.

The creatives want to craft a strong female character, great, but there’s simply no need to tear down men to do so. Batwoman’s themes to appease the social justice warriors overrode the need to tell a compelling and exciting story. It’s a comic book series, not everything needs some important political stance that reflects today’s culture. Batwoman needed to be canceled because the series just wasn’t fun to watch. Given the fact that Batgirl is currently in development, it’s highly unlikely that Batwoman is going to be rebooted any time soon. Still, Warner Brothers should give the series a fresh coat of paint in the future. A whole new cast. This has nothing to do with Javicia Leslie or anyone on the show as they aren’t the problem. However, it’s important that a rebooted Batwoman wipe the slate clean completely, thus everything has to be new: the cast, the crew, the setting. Of course, it always has to be in Gotham City, but the overall look of the show shouldn’t be the same as the CW series. One of the key things is that the showrunners show stop going out of their way to make it a politically correct show. As I previously mentioned, it’s supposed to be a comic book series, yet it feels like a typical melodrama.

Obviously, substance is important. But Batwoman shouldn’t just be fighting some of the most iconic villains on the show such as Mad Hatter or Mr. Freeze, but it should have some fun with the stories that they’re telling. Fans and critics have talked about how grim and dark The Batman is, but the Matt Reeves feature still feels like a comic book film. The Batman still has important themes and messages, but it’s not bogged down by it. The world is filled with colorful characters who bring Gotham City to life. The Batman is more on the realistic side, but never did it dive into silly melodrama or bluntly tell audiences about it’s political message. Batwoman doesn’t have to follow the same path as the feature film, especially if they’re not connected. It should be it’s own thing. The character itself could’ve been an interesting viewpoint on the way the female hero sees Gotham. Scratch the idea that Batman abandoned Gotham. That isn’t who the character is and it would’ve been easier to say that the dark knight lost the battle and was killed against one of the big villains of the series.

That way, Batman’s heroism is kept in tact and the show would be introducing a big time antagonist out of the gate. Warner Brothers has been seemingly reluctant in letting the CW series use some of their iconic villains, and while that changed in the third season a bit, that was another big issue that also plague the series. More than anything, the villains of the DC universe are the reason heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, and the titular character are even iconic in the first place. It doesn’t have to be the Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler, or any of the villains used in the movies, but it would be great to tap into the long list of villains in the DC comics and bring them over to the series. There’s plenty to explore when it comes Batwoman so making a series or feature is viable as long as it doesn’t model after the CW blueprint.Gotham

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