10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shayanna Jenkins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shayanna Jenkins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shayanna Jenkins

The media will always be drawn to news, whether it be positive or negative, and unfortunately for Shayanna Jenkins, she found herself in the middle of it all. When her late fiancé Aaron Hernandez became the suspect of a murder, the public was stunned to see her stay by his side throughout his conviction and until his suicide. Though her loyalty is widely known, there is much more to her than that – the facts below provide a deeper insight.

1. Her first proposal was on the same day as her baby shower

Only a few days remain forever etched in a woman’s memory, and those include the day her partner proposed, their wedding anniversary, and perhaps her children’s birthdays. For Shayanna, she was fortunate to have one day commemorate two special occasions: a proposal and a baby shower. As for her second engagement, there are still no details as to when she and Dino got engaged.

2. She chose her boyfriend over her family

Blood is not always thicker than water, as evidenced by the strained relationship between Shayanna and her sister Shaneah. At first, the two were very close and even went on double dates with their respective boyfriends. However, after Aaron was accused of murdering Lloyd, Shaneah’s boyfriend, Shayanna chose to stand by her man instead of her sister. Since then, the two sisters have drifted apart with little possibility of them ever being close again.

3. She still pays her respect to Aaron

Shayanna’s love for Aaron is one that many people cannot fathom. She may have been initially seen as a gold-digger, but since the fortune ended and she remained by his side, she has astounded her critics. On her Instagram, the woman continues to express messages of love to her late ex-boyfriend, conveying that she hopes he continues to rest in peace.

4. She overlooked her boyfriend’s infidelity for the sake of being a family

Cheating on someone you love has always been said to be a conscious decision one makes; after all, you cannot claim to love someone yet hurt them. Despite infidelity being a valid reason to file for divorce, Shayanna was not in a hurry to call it quits. She endured her fiancé’s immorality, reasoning that he was a grown man and would change when he was ready, but, unfortunately, that never happened.

5. She began dating the late Aaron in middle school

Shayanna and Aaron had known each other since their days at elementary school, living in the same neighborhood. When Shayanna, evidently crushing on Aaron, started flirting with the rising football star in middle school, their friendship blossomed into romance. Unfortunately, Aaron’s unfaithfulness was an ever-present burden, as he was always welcoming to those who were attracted to him. This made it difficult for them to make their relationship work in high school, but when Aaron signed his contract with the New England Patriots, Shayanna moved in with him.

6. She does not mind playing the role of a good wife

For most of us, physical and emotional abuse are enough to have us walking away from any marriage, but Shayanna was not ready to give up on her love for Aaron. She once called the police when the two were fighting, and Aaron had smashed a window with his fist. The strange thing was that neighbors reported the fights as a regular occurrence, but Shayanna decided that she would accept everything that Aaron did, whether it be infidelity or physical abuse. She said that she played the role of the good wife, including being submissive and doing whatever was asked of her.

7. She is fiercely loyal

Shayanna is one woman who has taken the meaning of “loyal” to another level. Even when she knew that she would face perjury charges, the mother of two still dared to lie in court. Shayanna threw out a box that might have contained the weapon used to kill Lloyd after Aaron ordered her to get rid of it. Being the obedient girlfriend that she was, Shayanna threw it out without allegedly bothering to look at what was inside. Still, her conscience was getting the better of her, so she covered the box with baby clothes and further used her sister’s car to dispose of it, then lied to Shaneah that she was getting baby supplies. Shayanna dared to tell the prosecution that she could not remember where she had thrown the box nor what she and Hernandez had talked about when he called her minutes after the killing of Daniel and Safiro in July 2012.

8. Her late fiancé was allegedly gay

In this day and age, when people are not afraid to reveal their sexuality, Shayanna’s ex-fiancé found it essential to hide his. According to various sources, when Lloyd found Aaron in a compromising situation with a man, he killed him to conceal his secret. Aaron reportedly left a note to his male lover before taking his own life. Shayanna claims that she was unaware of his sexuality and, as reported by BET, she wishes that Aaron had trusted her enough to tell her because even then, she would still have had his back.

9. She is engaged again

Shayanna may have a thing for footballers. Her first baby daddy was a former NFL (National Football League) star who played for the New England Patriots. Shayanna remained loyal to Aaron Hernandez to the point of taking his last name, even though they were never legally married. She has now moved on with another football star, Dino Guilmette. Dino and Aaron met at the University of Florida, where they both played football. Shayanna has even gone ahead to have a child with Dino, although detractors have claimed that the baby was Aaron’s.

10. She is taking a break from social media

Shayanna has endured considerable media attention since being linked to a man charged with multiple murders, and she has tried to stay strong. However, it appears she has had enough and wants to be left to care for her new partner. As such, according to LADbible, Shayanna posted on her Instagram that she was thankful for all the kind messages but needed to take a break from social media.

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