Scorpion: Sinkholes and Walter’s Slipping EQ. Just another Day at the Office.


The earth isn’t the only thing that’s falling apart as Walter’s EQ begins to slip. In this week’s episode of Scorpion, the team goes to Colton to fix a pipe leak. When they arrived, they encountered a sinkhole the size of a football field moments later.

It intrigued me that Toby and Happy kept track of Walter’s EQ levels since Paige decided to throw the genius into the metaphorical deep end. An imaginary sweatdrop formed when I saw that they used DEFCON’s nuclear threat system. On the other hand, it works pretty well. I love each of the descriptions on the chart. Especially for the nuclear level, “Hold on to your butts!” Good one, show, good one.

When Veronica roped Paige into one last con, I was hoping that the liaison would flat out refuse. Her estranged mother has caused enough trouble already. Who’s to know that this won’t be her last con? You can take the person out of the place, but you can’t take the place out of the person. Paige ended up helping her mother with getting her money back that the latter had buried in the warehouse with the nuclear reactor. The things we as children do for our parents.

Back to the situation at Colton, the rest of Team Scorpion has to figure out how to stop the sinkhole from spreading. Walter suggested that they open up a relief well to release some of the water pressure. Sylvester and Agent Gallo then headed to one of the well’s locations along with one of the sandhogs. Then the unthinkable happened (as it often does on Scorpion). Agent Gallo got trapped underneath the shaft where the well is after the grate slammed shut. If it weren’t for Sylvester’s idea to generate electricity manually, the Homeland agent would have drowned. The human calculator also got a supporter out of Frank the sandhog after they saved Agent Gallo. Kudos.

It was also interesting to see Happy try to be Paige regarding helping Walter interact with others. The mechanical prodigy had a couple of stumbles at first, but in the end got through to the genius. Walter then apologized to the foreman, Chief, and used the safety nets from the pipes underground to save Joe from falling into the sinkhole as the chemical silo begins to collapse. The cables idea was pretty awesome too. I didn’t know that the famous Leaning Tower of Piza was held together for more than six hundred years with cables.

The part where Mama Dineen fell into the sinkhole as the mortar is hardening the chemical that spilled made my eyes go wide. I may not like Veronica very much because she tore apart her family to pursue her dreams of conning people, but that’s no way for her to die. Then I find out that it was all Paige’s idea. She used a safety net to catch her mother when she fell, making sure that the thugs who were after them saw it. I hope that Mama Dineen will start her new life fresh and leave her conning days behind. Emphasis on hope.

I laughed when Veronica called Walter Pinnochio. I guess in a way; the genius is a bit like the wooden puppet (without the lying/growing nose part). They both want to become real boys. She also saw through Paige’s BS about not having any romantic feelings for Walter. Perhaps there is hope for Waige after all. Fingers crossed! Oh, and that offshore account that Paige is planning on opening, she better make sure that it’s completely secure and that no one but her (and the bank) can access it!

Scorpion will return with new episodes on February 6th. Photo via CBS.

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Team Scorpion fixes a pipe leak in Colton and saves a sandhog from falling to his death as Walter’s EQ slips in this week’s episode of Scorpion.

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