Scorpion: Team Decommissions Warhead. Happy Wants A Family.

Scorpion: Team Decommissions Warhead. Happy Wants A Family.


When one is in a relationship, it’s better when it’s only two people. If there’s another person involved, things will get awkward. In this week’s Scorpion, the team decommissions a nuclear warhead and Paige confronts Happy about the latter being the third wheel in her and Walter’s relationship.

The mission for the week takes Team Scorpion to an air base where they kept a nuclear warhead. They are to decommission it and upload new software. Sounds simple enough, right? Then again, this is Scorpion we are talking about here. Things start smoothly at first, but it always gets worse later on. The domino effect then began when Happy accidentally dropped the wrench that Walter was handing her, causing it to rupture the warhead’s fuel tank. Yeah, not good.

The team then made an umbrella-like plug with the 3D printer to stop the fuel from leaking. It worked until the warhead started to compress and popped out the cork. That and the art warehouse owner gave them tanks of neon gas that were mixed with other gases to give each a distinct color. Good thing they were able to use it to their advantage when the armed warhead shot through the sky. The warhead landed in the middle of the desert, and Happy disarmed it by taking out the battery. If that’s all it took, then why didn’t any of them think of it in the first place? Also, since when does a nuclear warhead run on batteries?

Speaking of Happy, the engineering genius expressed her anger at Paige for not allowing her to hang out with the liaison and Walter. She blamed the waitress for making her feel things, and if Walter hadn’t hired her, she wouldn’t have lost focus and dropped the wrench. I agreed with Toby when he said that if it weren’t for Paige, they wouldn’t be married. On top of that, Walter wouldn’t have found love again.

Towards the end of the episode, Toby figured out why Happy was always hanging around Paige and Walter. She has been alone for most of her young life and wants a family of her own. It was quite surprising that Happy is the one to tell her “shiny new husband” that she wants to have a baby with him. I wonder what they will name the baby? Maybe they should consult Paige or Agent Gallo on the matter since both of them have children.

Side Notes:

Ralph is still crushing on Patty, who doesn’t seem to care or notice. Wow. That girl scares me.

Walter needs to learn the correct definition of date ASAP.

The collapsing umbrella-plug scene made me feel sorry for Walter. He was looking forward to spending alone time with Paige, but his lady love is still miffed at the whole Happy situation.

Sylvester is incredible for volunteering to be Agent Gallo’s lawyer. Also, kudos to the human calculator for finding a new solution for saving the city’s power. That’s how you act like an Alderman!

Bummer for Agent Gallo for being demoted to Junior Intern. Least he’s still part of the team!

Toby’s dance moves during Commodores song. I have no words.

Airman’s comment about not knowing who the Commodores were. They’re a music group, not a part of the Navy!

Happy and Paige putting aside their differences and worked together to save Walter. Teamwork at its finest.

Paige taking Walter to a dine-in-the-dark restaurant. Pretty sweet of her. It didn’t end well as Walter caused a minor accident, but it was a cute Waige moment.

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