Scorpion S2 Finale Review: Toby’s life hangs in the balance. Walter admits feelings for Paige


Toby or not Toby? That is the question for this second season finale of Scorpion. The answer, of course, is a definite no. Team Scorpion rushes to save the resident shrink from certain acidic death and to apprehend their former team member.

To be honest, I thought that Toby would not make it and that the episode would end on a cliffhanger till season three starts. Guess I was wrong after seeing that Toby was saved by Happy running through the rest of the dental floss. The mechanical prodigy tackled the shrink, moving him away from the jar of acid hanging above his head. A pretty risky move. Good thing it worked.

I also thought that Walter would hand over his research with regards to preserving Megan’s mind to Mark, but I knew that deep down, the genius would never do such a thing. Even if it’s to save a fellow team member. That and if Walter gives all of his research to Mark, then the latter will have everything he needs to create something that can read people’s thoughts, which we don’t want. Got enough paranoia from all the CSI: Cyber stuff, don’t need any more from Scorpion thank you very much.

The scene where Toby told the team where he’s located without letting Mark know was ingenious! Sylvester was able to put the pieces together when Toby told the human calculator to take care of Happy for him. I would imagine that it would be a difficult task to accomplish given that Happy terrifies Sylvester.

When Mark got into Toby’s head about Happy not saying yes to the latter’s proposal after seeing the ring that Toby had gotten, it was kind of ironic in a way. Before it was Toby, who was the one that got into people’s heads to figure out what they’re like and to see if they have any weaknesses. Now, the same is being done to him by a mentally unstable former team member.

Speaking of the potential Quintis proposal, it was quite romantic on Toby’s part for singing his proposal instead of asking the question straight up. Shame Happy rejected the shrink’s proposal, saying that she’s married to someone else. The question is who and why is she bringing this up now and not before? I have a guess as to who, but I might be wrong. Hopefully, these two will work things out and maybe get back together in season three.

I would like to applaud Toby for making Walter come to his senses about his feelings for Paige and to get past his stubbornness of always thinking of keeping the team functional. Waige for the win! Sorry Tim, maybe you can find someone better in season three or just remain friends with Paige.

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