Scarlet Witch vs. Wonder Woman: Who Wins?

Scarlet Witch vs. Wonder Woman: Who Wins?

Scarlet Witch vs. Wonder Woman: Who Wins?

It’s likely that a lot of people would call foul on this one since it’s kind of like putting a fighter up against a mage in Dungeons & Dragons…wait, that’s exactly what it’s like since even with magical weapons and her combat experience and incredible durability, Diana couldn’t even come close to besting Wanda for a few reasons, and they’re very simple to point out. One fact is that in the MCU, Wanda was taking on Thanos with a great deal of ease. How long she could have sustained her attack, and if her rage would have allowed her to rip Thanos apart, feels like kind of a sure thing. Keep in mind that this was Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet, and had he not called for his ship to ‘rain fire’ she might have ripped him to pieces. A person can debate this all they want, but Wanda’s power is great enough that she can halt just about anyone in their tracks. It’s easy to state that in the comics things might have been different, and they were in the original Infinity Gauntlet series, especially since Thanos had the gauntlet when he destroyed Wanda. But keep in mind, her powers hadn’t been retconned yet, meaning that in the comics of today, it’s entirely possible that Wanda would obliterate Thanos.

Now we go to the idea that when pitting Wonder Woman against Thanos, a lot of people appear to think that Thanos would be able to take Diana out not just because he’s powerful beyond belief, but because he’s highly intelligent and far more devious than Diana could ever hope to be. Wonder Woman typically operates under a strict moral code, which she does break on occasion if there’s a need, but Thanos operates under no such code and will gladly end whoever is in his way. But when he came up against the Scarlet Witch in Endgame, it was made pretty clear that as strong as he was, he still wasn’t a match for the reality-warping Avenger.

Now we get to the point of the article, determining who would be the victor, Wanda or Diana. There’s no doubt that this would be a split decision between fans since the truth is that in terms of combat experience and overall toughness, Diana dominates Wanda in a big way. If these two were to go blow for blow, Wanda wouldn’t last past the first hit. But utilizing their abilities, and being aware of each other, Diana has no chance. One thing that people have to remember is that while she is fast, Wonder Woman has to exert some sort of physical effort to move, and despite her incredible speed, that takes time. Wanda just has to think about what she wants to do and it will happen. Plus, Wanda’s powers can affect a person from a distance, meaning that she could attack before Diana even came close. Diana might have a strong will and she can do quite a few impressive things, but Wanda’s powers deal with reality-warping and can give her a pass to wipe people from existence if she so desired, so whatever people want to say, it doesn’t really matter since Wanda just has to say “No more Wonder Woman” or “Themyscira never existed” and Wonder Woman might fade into nothingness.

Plenty of fans are still going to bring up different power levels, how they appear in the comics as opposed to the movies, and so on and so forth. While there are definitely situations in which Wonder Woman would be victorious, not a lot of them are going to come when Wanda is rested, aware of Diana and her intentions, and even fewer will come when Wanda is angry since we got to see what happened to Thanos when Wanda had a serious rage moment going. The effort that she put into her attacks continued to build with each passing second, and at one point it appeared that Thanos believed he had her down, but that didn’t last. It feels easy to state that Wanda wouldn’t give Wonder Woman much time to react, since a thought is almost always quicker than an action, and if Wanda wanted, she could reduce Wonder Woman’s most valued weapons to dust, right before she did the same thing to Diana.

She might not be as powerful as Phoenix, but Wanda can still manipulate matter and tear the world around her up in a very convincing manner. Not only that, but the MCU version of Wanda versus the DCEU version of Diana would still be a very tough fight, but one that Wanda could win without too much trouble. After seeing Endgame and WandaVision, it’s fair to say that Diana wouldn’t have any idea of what she was walking into, and she might be obliterated without any chance to find out.

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