Kevin Feige Says Scarlet Witch is Strongest MCU Hero: Here’s Why

Scarlet Witch

The tables would appear to turn pretty quickly when a person wants to announce who’s the most powerful being in the MCU, as not all that long ago it was Captain Marvel without a doubt in the minds of some. Of course that answer kind of ruffled the feathers of a few fans since Captain Marvel is certainly tough, but in the comics she’s been knocked into the atmosphere by a single punch from the Hulk and she’s been kicked around by a few individuals in her long history. But the Scarlet Witch, or Wanda Maximoff, however you want to know her, is a truly scary individual since in the MCU she gained her powers by being experimented on, while in the comics she was born a mutant. In both versions however she’s a terrifying individual when she’s good and mad since the upper limits of her powers are something that has never been tested that often given that the writers are the ones in control of seeing just how far she can go. Kevin Feige stating that she’s the most powerful hero in the MCU is still kind of hard to swallow since it would seem that he’s hedging a bit now and it’s showing a lack of faith in the source material his writers still have to pull from. She’s powerful without a doubt as Devon Forward of ScreenRant would probably agree, but Wanda is driven more by emotion than by sense at times, as was seen in Endgame.

After all his conquests, all the chaos and destruction he caused, Thanos was truly worried, enough that he didn’t worry too much about his own troops when it came to ‘rain fire’ down on his enemies to insure that he would survive and his tormentor, Wanda, would be obliterated. That alone shows that the mad titan knew that she would have killed him, gladly in fact, had she been given the chance. Wanda’s only mistake in that moment would have been that she was operating on pure emotion, the need to see Thanos suffer before she finally tore him apart, and it’s what gave Thanos the chance to actually turn the tide for just a moment. Matthew Attanasio of CBR has more to say about this. The fact that she disarmed and subdued him without any help from anyone is proof that Wanda in the MCU is undeniably one of the most hardcore and powerful heroes of all of them. But dialing it back for just a moment it’s time to remind people that the writers are who give the heroes their power and make them stronger or weaker than those around them. People need to remember that in the comics there are some individuals that would have been easily crushed by Thanos and that the Infinity Gauntlet series went quite a bit differently in the comics.

There were similarities to be sure, since Vision was still destroyed and Captain America did get swatted to the ground. The differences were greater though since there were more heroes, Thanos had already performed the snap by the time they figured out it was him, and the battlefield was much, much different. Plus, Thanos was attempting to win the favor of Mistress Death, the embodiment of, well, death in the Marvel universe. He also took on several cosmic beings as well such as Galactus, the Celestials, and many others in his bid for supremacy. In the comics though it was Nebula that wrested the gauntlet from him and there was no time travel, and Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer played much greater roles as well. Hell, even Wolverine managed to get in on the action, but in the MCU these characters had yet to be utilized since Warlock hadn’t been revealed and the Silver Surfer and Wolverine weren’t part of Disney yet. In this series though Wanda proved very ineffectual since at one point she and Cyclops were attempting to take Thanos down and Wanda was the first to go while Cyclops would eventually be taken care of as well. Again, it’s all about the writers and who they want to put ahead in the story, it has almost nothing to do with with the level of power that each character possesses since any writer can come along and state that this character’s power has developed into something greater or that character’s power has dwindled for reasons that they’ll give as the story progresses.

If you want to believe that Wanda is the most powerful hero in the MCU at this point that’s fine, but it’s also because the Phoenix hasn’t been introduced, or the Beyonder, or any other entity that could snuff Wanda from existence in a heartbeat. She’s definitely powerful, there’s no doubt of that, but Feige really needs to brush up on the characters as they’ve been written and remember that she’s one of many powerful individuals, but not likely THE most powerful.

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