Scandal “Dead in the Water” Sneak Peek

The sneak peek for this week’s episode of Scandal is out. And from the looks of it, Huck’s fate is still unknown, and Olivia is finally in the know. From the preview, we can see that OPA have photos of the man and the woman, possibly screengrabbed from the footage Rowan left behind. Jake walks in and informs them Jennifer Fields is missing. Olivia tells him Huck took Meg to see her, and just like that, Olivia has discovered her mole. As Quinn and Charlie go look for Huck, Olivia has Jake find out who the man and the woman are.

Whilst the sneak peek may raise the stakes and make some people want to tune in to find out Huck’s fate, it really provides no new information. From the promo, we already know that Huck is missing, and that Quinn and Charlie track down Meg. However, it is a good reminder that Huck is dying somewhere, and Olivia is one step closer to finding out the truth.

Based off of this preview, it looks like Olivia Pope is back in control as she orders everyone around, including Jake. Will there be a twist when he discovers who is truly in control? Also, it looks like Huck’s life may be on the line, but will he actually get killed off? These days nothing is certain about that, especially when it comes to characters in Shondaland.

Will we find out what the man and the woman want? And why do they want Mellie in the White House? Will Huck be found in time?

Check out the preview below:

“Dead in the Water,” season 6 episode 9 of Scandal will air this Thursday 9/8c on ABC.


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