Scandal: “Dead in the Water” Review

Good news. We didn’t have to see Frankie Vargas shot for the fiftieth time tonight. Even better news… well, that’s coming up. But first…

Meg shoots Huck and Jennifer and stashes them in the trunk of a car. Elsewhere, Quinn and Charlie inform Olivia Huck is missing and Jake walks in telling her Jennifer is missing too. When Olivia tells Abby, Abby panics, especially because last week, we saw that Abby was the one who revealed the fact that Jennifer was alive. She plays dumb. Meanwhile, Meg pushes the car off the cliff, but aided with the help of the spirits of Olivia, Quinn, Charlie, and Rowan, Huck manages to break free.

Elsewhere, Samantha, the woman, tells Abby that Huck is dead, prompting her to go find Olivia, who demands the truth. Quinn and Charlie get to Meg’s apartment and find a hard drive. With Jake’s help, they manage to track her down. After torturing her using some B613 techniques, Meg refuses to give in and Quinn kills her.

Meanwhile, at the OPA office, Olivia is giving up hope. Jake is convinced Huck is dead, but Charlie urges her to keep searching until they have a body. They decide to try and track Huck down using the phone Jake gave Jennifer. When they do, he is barely alive, but alive. At the hospital, doctors tell them Huck may have permanent brain damage. Fitz arrives, and he and Olivia share a moment. He asks her to forgive Abby.

At the end, Quinn gives Huck a speech and promises to look out for him. As she leaves, Huck wakes up and Quinn climbs into bed with him, something which Charlie notices from far away. Meanwhile, Olivia sits down next to Abby, who is crying, and takes her hand.

There we go. Many loose ends tied. We found out Huck’s fate, Meg is dead, Abby is asked not to contact Samantha anymore, all is good, right? Next week, we take another break from this timeline as we celebrate 100 episodes of Scandal and experience what life would be like if Olivia never agreed to rigging Fitz’s first election eight years ago.  Excited? You should be, because hint hint, it involves Olivia Pope in a wedding dress.


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