10 Things You Didn’t Know about Samantha Ravndahl

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Samantha Ravndahl

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Samantha Ravndahl

Samantha Ravndahl is a household name in the beauty influencer industry. If you’re reading that thinking, “What’s an influencer?” then it’s clear to us you don’t spend much time on social media platforms such as Instagram. It’s infiltrated with young men and women running their best games looking to make money off of their beauty, style, and influence. Ravndahl is a young, beautiful blonde with an impressive 2.1 million followers — which is more followers than many of your favorite celebrities. What makes her stand out from the (over) crowded beauty influencer game is her brutal honesty. She tells it like it is, and she doesn’t shill product just the make a buck.

1. She’s Brutally Honest

If you want to hear what a product is really like, she’s your girl. Every single thing she shills is not the “best thing I’ve ever used,” if it’s really not. She’s not going to lie about it if she doesn’t like it, but her honesty is so refreshing. She’s not afraid to tell you not to waste your money.

2. She’s a Dog Lover

She loves dogs, which means we love her. Anyone who loves dogs is just a great person, right? Well, we assume maybe not, but that’s just a thing that we ignore.

3. Her Instagram Feed is Mostly Pro

When you look at other influencers, you sometimes see those who like to include their personal lives into their photos. Their kids, their homes, their vacations, their other stuff. Whatever it is, she’s not really into it. You might see the occasional more personal photo, but you mostly will not. She keeps her photos pro. Or, well, the same. She’s a fan of a close-up of her face, and it works for her.

4. She’s Not Afraid to Show Her True Self

One thing we love about this particular influencer is that she is not afraid to show what she really looks like. She suffers from acne — badly in some of her photos — and she doesn’t always cover it up. In fact, she doesn’t even edit it out when she does cover it up. It’s her face, and she shows it for what it is, even when she’s wearing makeup. We love that about her — and we’ll share a fun fact. I once met an influencer I loved to follow. She’s sweet, adorable, very cute and she seemed so likable. And yet I was shocked in real life to see that she edits out some very distinguishing features in every single photo. Blatantly edits them out. I felt so sad when I met her and realized that. So, good for you and your honesty, Samantha.

5. She Started Her Brand in One Month

The year was 2013. She was fired from her job. She decided to start an Instagram page, and asked her parents to give her one month to make it work, and she made it work. She had 10,000 followers by the end of the month, and her brand grew more than a little quickly in the process.

6. She Grew to A Million Followers in One Year

By the end of her first year with her Instagram page, she had more than a million followers. She got into the game at just the right time, and it changed her life. It made her someone who was given a new chance at life, and a new lease on what was hers. She was so excited about it, and she’s spent that time working hard and building an authentic brand.

7. YouTube Hated her At First

When her Instagram started to grow quickly, she tried her hand at YouTube, and she did not succeed. Her followers were nil, and people hated her. They did not like that someone who wasn’t super bubbly and overly excited and #perfectlifegoals was on the channel being real. She shut it down and called it a day before trying her hand at it again a year later and finally finding her footing.

8. She Calls Out Other Influencers

Not by name, of course. But she’s been very honest in the fact that she says most influencers lie and don’t tell the truth because they don’t feel that their fans and followers matter. What matters is the brand they are repping and the money they get from that. They feel as if they need to make the brand happy by loving their stuff, pushing their product, and getting paid. Their followers “Don’t pay their bills, the brand does,” and that’s what matters to them.

9. She Doesn’t Take Every Opportunity Offered to Her

Have you ever seen an influencer who is one day repping one thing and then one day repping another and then doing yet another, and you can’t figure out how they all fit into their lives? We have, and it’s something we question. Money is money, but there is one thing that Samantha Ravndahl will not do, and that is take every single opportunity offered to her just because it’s there. If she doesn’t like it and it doesn’t work for her brand, she says no to it. Being authentic is real to her, and she’s not going to toss her morals to the side just for a payout from a company that isn’t doing what she’s into. We love that about her, and we are officially now following.

10. She’s Not A Game Player

The FTC made it a requirement for all sponsored and paid posts on social media to be made clear to their fans, but she’s noticed some companies don’t really follow the rules. They do the bare minimum by asking them to ignore the “Paid sponsorship with” or the hashtag ad that’s required by only requiring the influencer to use a brand sponsored hashtag — and she won’t do it. She’s not into the game to confuse her followers. If she is using something because she was paid to use it, she wants her followers to know. She’s not looking to play games.

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