10 Things You Didn’t Know about Saffron Burrows

Saffron Burrows is someone that you like to see since she brings a bit of class and style to any program or movie she’s in, but sometimes her acting ability isn’t always up to par when it comes to the role she’s playing. It’s not that she doesn’t have the skill, it’s more or less the role that she’s been put in doesn’t really conform to her talents and therefore comes off as kind of stiff. She’s definitely got the skill and the acting experience to pull off a lot of different roles, but unlike a few others in the business she’s not quite as versatile and kind of needs something that’s tailored to what she can do. It might seem as though this limits her but in truth it allows her to shine when the part is right and when it’s in a show or movie that is bound to be watched by a very large audience. She is a gifted actress for certain.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about her.

10. She became a model at age 15.

She was discovered around the same time as Naomi Campbell and went on to become a model for a while before she was discovered as an actress. This seems to be the way a lot of people go in the acting industry, perhaps as one of the top five ways that people get discovered.

9. She was in Deep Blue Sea.

This wasn’t as smart of a movie as it was made to seem since the harvesting of proteins from a shark’s brain to use as a measure against Alzheimer’s Disease is something that might sound great, but is not scientifically sound at all. Plus, making a shark bigger to harvest more protein sounds, well, kind of stupid since the side effect of making them smarter and therefore meaner wasn’t something that was really needed. And lo and behold a second movie was made in the same mold as the first one.

8. She plays the guitar.

She plays acoustic guitar and to be honest I’m impressed since it takes a decent amount of time to learn any instrument unless one is naturally gifted. Even then it might take some time to really get good enough to play without fault.

7. She was in Troy.

This is one of those movies where she’s right for the role but doesn’t get a whole lot of speaking parts since she is in fact not quite as important as the other characters in the story. As Hector’s wife she’s important enough to show up until his death, and then her role becomes greatly diminished.

6. She’s a very tall woman.

She’s billed out at 6′ tall which is at least eight inches taller than the average for women. So truthfully she is kind of tall for a woman, and in fact she’s tall when compared to the average size for men as well. Anyone ever think that those averages are a bit off? It does depend on what region of the world you’re in of course if you really want to get into that argument.

5. She was in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

She and Jeff Goldblum were to take over for Eames and Goren since the two had gone on their own path for a time, and to be honest they brought an interesting dynamic to the story that kind of hearkened back to Chris North and Julianne Nicholson, kind of. Nichols, played by Goldblum, was far more like Goren with his quirks, while Burrows’ character was kind of like Wheeler, played by Nicholson.

4. She became a US citizen in 2009.

It’s interesting to think that all the time she spent making movies and TV shows in America she wasn’t a citizen, but of course that’s kind of normal in some cases since people get discovered and go where the work is.

3. She married her girlfriend in 2011.

She’s confirmed that she’s bisexual but prefers the company of women. She’s been with two different men in her life for long periods of time but finally married her girlfriend of six years and they now have two kids together.

2. She was in Reign Over Me.

This was kind of a hard Sandler film to watch since it constantly raises the question “What would you do?”. It’s about a man that loses his wife and daughters in the tragedy of 9/11 and can’t cope. Where he was once a very smart and promising individual he’s devolved into a troubled and very moody person that has lapses in memory due to the intense PTSD he suffers.

1. Her debut came in the film In The Name of the Father.

This was her first film role and while many people might not remember her in this movie she was there. It was kind of horrific tale about government corruption of the worst sort that ultimately threatened to tear a family apart and caused one man to sacrifice everything.

She’s a great actress, so long as she gets the right role.

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