10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sana Khan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sana Khan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sana Khan

When someone is beautiful and talented, it’s easy to assume there’s not much else going on. However, anyone who makes this assumption about Sana Khan, you are sadly mistaken. She’s beautiful, yes. She’s talented, yes. However, she’s also intelligent, she’s witty, and she’s strong. She is not being thrown into any stereotypical situation that people want to pigeon-hole her into, and she’s continuing to show the world that she has so much more to offer than they like to think she does. We want to get to know her better, and we think you want to know her more, too.

1. She’s in Her 30s

She doesn’t look like she’s in her 30s, but she is. She was born on August 21, 1988. She celebrated her 32nd birthday in 2020. It shocks fans to realize she is this age, but we love that she still looks so youthful and fresh, and we know she will appreciate that for many years.

2. She’s from Mumbai

She was born and raised in Mumbai. She lived with her parents. Her father is not from her native Mumbai, but her mother is. She doesn’t talk much about her childhood because she does like to maintain her privacy, but we get the impression she enjoyed herself and she had a good one.

3. She Began as a Model

Her role in the entertainment industry began when she was modeling. She was interested in it, but it was when her job started to entail small acting jobs that it really got interesting. She went from modeling work to commercials to advertisements to films, and that worked out well for her. She enjoyed her career for many years.

4. She’s Done With Her Career

She announced in October 2020 that we’ve seen the last of her as an actress or model. She decided she is done with this way of life, and she is going to serve humanity. She’s decided that religion is the way for her, and that she is not going to allow anything to come between her and her feelings of faith and hope.

5. She’s Got a New Purpose

She made it very clear to her fans on her social media page that she is very grateful to them and that she is happy for them. She realized that she could not have achieved what she did without them, and she is very thankful for the life she was able to create during this time. However, she’s also made it very clear that she is not sure that her purpose of chasing fame and wealth is what life is meant to be about, and she has a new purpose in life.

6. She’s Brave

Following her announcement that she is leaving the show business lifestyle she’s been living in for so long, many people came out to support her. They called her brave and they are holding her to a higher esteem telling her that she is doing what is right for her, and that she is someone who should be very proud of herself for being willing to give up something so big in favor of something completely different. She is brave.

7. She’s Private

Despite being a famous star, she’s always been very private. She’s never been one to spend much of her time in the spotlight when she’s out, and she never shares too much about herself. She’s someone who knows the value of privacy, and that is a big deal.

8. She’s Not the Only On

She is not the first woman in Bollywood to make this announcement in the past year. Last year, actress Zara Wasim did the same. She quit her job as an actress and all things related to her career were removed from her life, and she decided to take up religion. It makes you wonder what is gong on over there that has all these talented women anxious to focus on their religion.

9. She Ended A Bad Relationship in 2020

Just before the pandemic shut down the world, she ended her very long relationship with a choreographer by the name of Melvin Louis. She called him a compulsive cheater and was done. With that change in her life, with the change of her career in her mind, and with all that is going on, we wonder if she is trying to find happiness.

10. She’s Funny

She’s rumored to have a great sense of humor, but we have to wonder if she was very unhappy. She had a hard relationship, she had a career that put her in the spotlight, and she might not have been in a good place in her mind. It might be why she’s leaving it all behind and making these huge changes in her life, but we cannot say for certain.

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