The Baby Jar Jar Binks Just Might be the Cutest of Them All

Ever wonder what you’d get if you crossed Dumbo with a tadpole? Baby Jar Jar Binks is the likely result since artist Leonardo Viti, who was responsible for baby Jabba the Hutt if you recall, has been at it again trying to steal the thunder from Baby Yoda of The Mandalorian. It sounds more than than accurate to say that a lot of people might have never thought that we were going to be debating just which baby version of which character is the cutest, the current candidates being Baby Yoda, Baby Groot, Baby Jabba the Hutt, and now Baby Jar Jar. People are already going gaga over the little chubby version of the Gungan and to be fair he is kind of cute but he also looks like he’d be just as much trouble as a baby as he was in his adult years. If anyone remembers, Jar Jar was a walking accident just waiting to happen most times since he either didn’t pay attention to his surroundings or was hopeless in just about every sense of the word. The hatred that he brought about in so many people though is something that this cute little picture might help to alleviate, though as Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb has said, most of those that enjoyed Jar Jar back in the day were kids at the time, so it could be that the hatred of the character is still bound to hold out.

The idea that Jar Jar was ever a racist character is still a bit ridiculous to this day since those that called him out for being a negative black stereotype are about the same as those today that feel the need to call out anything and everything they see as inherently racist. It kind of makes a person wonder if those same people would speak up against this image or if they’d turn around and start making cooing noises and prove that hypocrisy is still alive and well. The idea of which character is cuter though is all a matter of perspective and personal taste to be fair since Baby Yoda was such a massive surprise that people couldn’t help but be taken with the little guy when he first showed up on The Mandalorian. Baby Groot was kind of a given since despite the fact that characters do die in the MCU it would have been kind of odd to see a figure like Groot just up and vanish with only one showing. As far as Baby Jabba goes, well, it’s far cry from the grub we got to see in The Clone Wars movie and a darn site cuter. This would definitely appear to be as far as Baby Jar Jar is going to go if only because there’s really no place in the Star Wars universe for him at this time since the Gungans haven’t really shown up in force since the prequels and during the Clone Wars series. As far as the race it might be fair to state that some people are glad to see that they’re not as prominent any longer, but it’s kind of hopeful that if Star Wars moves forward that they’ll be a part of the universe still since they are a fairly interesting species.

Gungans are definitely an oddity in the Star Wars universe, and that’s saying a lot considering how many alien species there are between the current canon and the Legends canon. If Disney was going to be smart they’d find a way to do more than just cherry-pick from the Legends canon and discover a way to integrate the stories that have already been developed and the stories they wish to tell, as it could appease fans on a level that might do more than just revive the franchise. As far as Gungans go it does feel as though they’re pretty much confined to Naboo apart from several of their people that might find the need to travel off-planet, but that could work in favor of the overall story as well. If anyone had the nerve to create a story having to do with Naboo and its various people it might be that we would get a chance to see a baby Gungan, perhaps even a Baby Jar Jar at one point. It might actually be interesting to watch him grow up as the klutz he’s always been and come to see just why the other Gungans want to avoid him as much as possible. After all, in The Phantom Menace he had been banished and it was made fairly clear that he was a screw-up from the word go. So maybe down the line another Star Wars story would be feasible, perhaps a TV show or even just a short film that could better explain this character and perhaps even end up gaining him a few more fans.

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