Why Ron Howard’s Han Solo Film Will Knock Our Socks Off

There might be something to the edgy and more improvisational methods of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, but it obviously wasn’t a fit with what Star Wars execs were wanting. For the fans, the direction is always going to be important simply because the directorial influence is what helps to make Star Wars such an amazing story. More to the point, the life and story of Han Solo, the one and only rogue in all of Star Wars that fans want to see more of, is an important undertaking that hardcore fans and casual observers want to see done right. So why wouldn’t anyone want a legendary director such as Ron Howard to take the reins?

It’d be like telling people that James Cameron was the wrong choice for the Alien franchise. See how little sense that makes? Here are a few more reasons why Ron Howard is the best choice to finish the Han Solo movie.

He’s worked with Lucasfilm before

Remember the film Willow? Some of you might not, but to those that do this film was an instant hit despite the fact that it didn’t do so well after its initial release. As a fantasy story it was one of the most memorable ever made and Howard created a rich and vibrant world that people still remember to this day. If he can do something like this with the kind of effects they had back in the day, then imagine what he can do with the technological marvels they have now. He knows what Lucasfilm expects and what they will ask of him, and can deliver to their expectations and beyond.

He’s won an Oscar as a director

No other director for any Star Wars film has one of these. And aside from being a shiny gold statue it’s a mark of excellence that says one thing. This guy knows what he’s doing, and he does it better than anyone else. It’s not just ego that makes this type of claim, its a devotion and adherence to the craft and the love of the job that makes someone this good.

He has an impressive range as a director

Howard isn’t the type of director that sticks to one genre or to one type of movie. He’s directed such films as A Beautiful Mind, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Willow, Apollo 13, and many, many more. Never once as he firmly adhered to one type of film. This broad range of interests over a decades-long career has made him the one and only director that could possibly switch gears and take over for the Han Solo movie and still keep it from being a trainwreck.

It takes a seasoned and skilled director to just step into a film that’s already been in production and stand any chance of making something spectacular out of it. For all intents and purposes the media hype makes the Han Solo situation sound like Howard is being asked to step into a burning dumpster fire and magically snuff it out while at the same time polishing it to a high sheen so that it glimmers for the waiting audience. The truth is that Lord and Miller have been quite gracious in working to integrate Howard into the picture as they’ve been let go, and it will now be on Ron Howard to get things finished and edited to Lucasfilm’s standards. He’s the right man for the job, and that’s all that needs to be said.



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