Every Single Pop Culture Reference from the “Ready Player One” Trailer

Every Single Pop Culture Reference from the “Ready Player One” Trailer

Every Single Pop Culture Reference from the “Ready Player One” Trailer

Everywhere we go and  everything we see nowadays seems to be filled with are called “Easter eggs” or small, innocuous sightings of something within a movie, cartoon, or video game that are meant to be noticed by those that take the time to scrutinize every little thing they can.  In the new film Ready Player One however there are a large number of blatant pop culture appearances that are seen as the main character enters the gaming world. Some of them might appear as Easter eggs and others are far more blatant and in your face, but the fact that they’re there is kind of awesome.

So these are all the ones that are pointed out in the clip. If you can find any more don’t be shy about letting me know. After all, programmers and filmmakers like to be sneaky on occasion.

1. The Iron Giant

There’s really no missing this guy since he towers over pretty much anyone. The question is really whether or not Vin Diesel would think about voicing the big walking tin can again.

2. Lara Croft

It seems like you might be bound to see a representation of Lara Croft no matter what game you make nowadays. As a pop culture icon after all she’s due a little recognition now and again.

3. Dizzy from Gears of War

That hat and that build are kind of hard to miss. What he might be talking to Lara Croft about is something that might be interesting to know, but considering that they’re both making brief appearances it’s safe to assume that Spielberg won’t really go into that.

4. DeLorean

You might note in the clip, as it’s pointed out, that the date at the top of the console is set to the same date the DeLorean’s former user was planning to leave from. How cool is that?

5. Mad Max car

There’s no denying the rough look of this classic car. It’s a nice homage to an awesome film.

6. A-Team van

Spielberg is just loading up on the extras in this film. It’d only be better if B.A. leaned out the window and yelled at the rest of them to get moving.

7. Christine Plymouth fury

You can only hope that this car isn’t the same as it was after it got crushed. Otherwise Lara’s in for one wild ride.

8. Bigfoot monster truck

It’s great to see the classics coming out, especially when they’re doing what they do best.

9. Akira bike

Being ridden by Artemis from Oasis this is a cool reference that is there and gone but is still noticeable.

10. Pole Position car

Come on, we should all recognize these cars from a glance. How many of us crashed and burned playing this game?

11. Ostriches from Joust

Talk about being true to the game. When the ostriches get hit, just like in Joust they turn back into an egg. Classic.

12. Freddy Krueger and Duke Nukem 

Both of these guys are shown being blasted to bits, but it’s a nice visual while it lasts.

13. Players drop coins when they’re killed.

This took the horror away from killing characters in part and made the game more enjoyable because coins usually lead to some type of reward. The trick is getting them all before they disappear.

17. Death Stroke and Harley Quinn

It’s just a glance really, but it’s enough to affirm another pop culture icon within the game that is much appreciated by fans.

Spielberg is going all out in this film in reference to pop culture icons. But did you expect anything less?


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