Robot Jox in Real Life is Officially Here with USA’s Megabot

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01BX4FL50″ locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Battlebots[/easyazon_link] has been taken to a whole new level. Where once it would have been a remote-control duel to the death, resulting in only minimal loss of machinery and damaged tech, now it will be a full on war to the finish with actual robot competitors that are piloted by actual human beings. Megabots Inc., an American-based company that has been working on a 12,000-pound metal monstrosity known as the Mark II, will be taking on the Kuratas that was developed by the Japanese company Suidobashi. The Kuratas is being lauded as the first fighting robot ever created, and the USA would like to see just whose giant robot is stronger.

May the best bot win.

You have to admit it’s very American with the colors, the need for bigger size, and of course the big, message-sending cannons attached to its left appendage.

Compact enough to roll around on its treads, the Mark II looks like it might be tough enough to take quite a hit, so long as the Kuratas isn’t capable of putting any massive dents in its armor.

The rig will need to be piloted by two people considering that there is simply too much that needs to be done for one person to handle. Unlike the film Robot Jox it takes more than one person to guide and attack at the same time.

The Mark III is a decided upgrade from the still impressive Mark II, and has been given a great deal of modification to help in its fight against the advanced Kuratas.

The new modifications will no doubt give the Mark III a bit of an edge, but it remains to be seen just how much of an edge it might retain once the battle begins. The Japanese are noted for their technological prowess after all and will no doubt be loading the Kuratas in such ways as to counter their American competitor.

The Mark II looks woefully outmatched next to the Mark III, but it could still do its fair share of damage if called upon.

Chances are though that the Mark III would tear the Mark II apart mostly due to its quicker response time, heavier firepower, and the fact that it is more heavily reinforced.

Inside the cockpit it becomes apparent just how much the drivers will need to know and how quickly they will have to react in terms of the battle. If they want their bot to survive then it will take every ounce of training they possess.

The Mark III is cocked, locked, and ready to rock. But will it be enough to take down the Kuratas? We’ll find out sometime this month as the two technological titans lock up for a battle of the ages to see just who’s tech is the strongest.

To say that fans of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00VX222X2″ locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Robot Jox[/easyazon_link] and even [easyazon_link identifier=”B00FWLTPU8″ locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Pacific Rim[/easyazon_link] have been waiting for a day like this is kind of like saying that wrestling fans are always waiting for their favorite competitors to meet up for one of the most titanic battles ever waged. This bout is no doubt going to get ugly very quickly as the USA and Japan vie for dominance on the battlefield.


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