Which “Girls” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?


Since its premiere in 2012, Girls has remained one of the staples of HBO’s original programming. After its series finale in 2017, Girls endures as one of the most popular original series on the platform (recently followed by shows like Euphoria and Game of Thrones). So which of these hot messes represents your sign? Let’s get into it!

Aries – Charlie

You’re naturally passionate, Aries. While your tenacity and drive can lead to adventure and excitement, as we see with Charlie, it can also cause problems in your personal life and close relationships. Not everything has to be exciting and new, Aries. Sometimes, consistency is the thing we’ve been craving all along.

Taurus – Desi

Being at the beginning of the zodiac has its benefits, Taurus; like your uncanny ability to stay young at heart. But nothing comes without its cost, and in your case, your young and free spirit can read as immature or childish at times (like Desi). With the proper scope and drive, you can be wildly successful; but that requires you to put aside your self-revolving tendencies.

Gemini – Jessa

Gemini, you are in a constant dialogue with yourself, that’s part of the duality of your sign. Much like Jessa, you can be a bit of a vagrant, following your independence wherever it might take you. You’re naturally indecisive, and often want someone else to take the driver’s seat; which is convenient for your flighty tendencies.

Cancer – Laird

You’re just trying to keep it together most of the time, Cancer. As a water sign, you can feel large swells of emotion that are difficult to deal with. Like Laird, we see you often just doing the best you can, in a constant cycle of keeping up with your own life. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Cancer; life is tough, but you’re tougher.

Leo – David

Leo, you can’t help that you’re the main event. Often, the spotlight seems to find you, even when you don’t really want it to. Like we see with David, you can be domineering and controlling in interpersonal relationships without feedback from those around you. Your patience is thin, Leo, but try to see the bigger picture. With the correct scope, you are the ultimate leader and hero.

Virgo – Ray

You’re diligent in every aspect of your life, Virgo. You have a palatable temperament that makes you one of the easiest signs to get along with. Much like Ray, you’re a hard worker, and you’re committed to understanding the world around you. You like consistency, Virgo, and don’t really have a knack for spontaneity; but that’s what makes you one of the most reliable signs.

Libra – Marnie

You’re constantly balancing chaos, Libra. As an air sign, you have a tendency towards romanticism and crave independence. Like Marnie, your romantic and vagrant nature can get you into trouble, and you often think about yourself first. Above all this, you are the only sign in the zodiac that can truly calm the craziness around them; we wouldn’t be able to function without you, Libra.

Scorpio – Adam

Beneath your mysterious exterior, Scorpio, you’re still a water sign. You have more empathy than you give yourself credit for, and you feel things remarkably deeply. Like Adam, you have a tendency towards the darker aspects of life. As the most mercurial of the water signs, you can often struggle with communication, unable to tear down your own protective walls. Your vulnerability is a strength, Scorpio, not a setback.

Sagittarius – Hannah

Sagittarius, you are notorious for being flighty and self-centered; that’s just part of your fire sign nature. Much like Hannah, you can struggle with purpose and reliability. You’re often oblivious to the things around you, even when you don’t mean to be. While you can be self-involved, you’re an incredible socializer, and often feel at home around a crowd.

Capricorn – Elijah

You can come off as cold and calculated, Capricorn. As the wisest and most intelligent of the earth signs, you’re extremely practical and logical. While this can be an asset, especially financially and career-wise, it can negatively impact your personal relationships. Try connecting with your empathy, Capricorn; it can be the difference between successful relationships and draining ones.

Aquarius – Caroline

Aquarius, you are a hot mess. Because you’re an air sign, you often float through life without consistency and value your own freedom. While this is typically a good thing for you, it can distance you from the people you love and care about. If you allow yourself vulnerability, personal relationships will seem less arduous and difficult.

Pisces – Shoshanna

As the last zodiac sign, you’re naturally wise and empathetic, Pisces. You’re a humanitarian, and often keep the peace between signs that cause friction. Like Shoshanna, you can get taken advantage of easily, because you just want everyone to be happy. Protect your heart at all costs, Pisces, because not everyone deserves your loving nature.Girls

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