Robert Pattinson’s Backup Plan Just in Case Batman Fails

The Batman

It’s usually wise to have a backup in case something doesn’t work but Robert Pattinson’s seems to be to go in the opposite direction that many people would want to take. According to Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb the direction that Pattinson would take if The Batman ends up not working out is to go into making art house porn. Yeah, take a moment and let that one sink in so that you can fully grasp the idea of what he’s saying and why it sounds a little nuts, no pun intended I swear. Most people are already stating that this won’t happen, that we won’t hear about Pattinson going into any type of porn since people are wanting to see The Batman and are bound to be anticipating it right up until the moment the movie begins to roll. But something like this isn’t hard to imagine Pattinson saying since he does have an odd sense of humor that makes people shake their heads on occasion. It’s enough to make a person laugh to think that any actor would go into porn movies, no matter how tasteful one wants to call them, after being a big shot in show business since the stigma of having done porn is still enough to keep a lot of actors from moving up through the ranks of porn and into Hollywood.

Such a thing has happened obviously, but it’s still not heard of all the time without a lot of struggle and a lot of controversy. People are pretty certain that Pattinson won’t be headed in this direction since they’re hopeful that the next Batman movie will be something that will knock their socks off. Just to play devil’s advocate a lot of people were hoping that Ben Affleck would be the next great Batman as well once Christian Bale was all said and done, but look what happened there. Some people liked him but overall he was kind of a dud, much like George Clooney and Val Kilmer. The Batman is a role that’s almost cursed in some way since it ends up being a bad idea for those that try it unless they can make it work or have a director that makes movies people really enjoy watching. Batfleck didn’t have much of a chance to get off the ground for many reasons, but people are remaining optimistic about Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman role since they want to see another movie about the dark knight that will actually get them excited. Trey Griffeth from Heroic Hollywood has more to say on the subject.

Has anyone figured that it’s time for Batman to take a seriously prolonged break? Probably not since to DC he’s still a cash cow and the whole idea of Batman being off the screen at some point is enough to make some folks dizzy. Even suggesting it is enough to get some folks arguing in a big way since the dark knight has been a part of pop culture for so long that it’s almost unthinkable to do anything but push the hero as much as possible. With Affleck that was obviously a mistake since he didn’t really resonate as much with fans and despite being highly anticipated and hyped up, he didn’t really deliver as much as was expected. It could also be that interacting with others wasn’t the best way for Batfleck to go since he didn’t get a solo movie, having been with Superman, Wonder Woman, and then the rest of the Justice League, or what we were allowed to see on screen. So far the last time we saw any real development with Batman was with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale. In my personal opinion that was the last time Batman was great since he had some truly epic enemies to fight against no matter that Joker and Bane couldn’t possibly measure up to Steppenwolf. The legend of Batman has been built up to such a degree that one has to wonder just how far people are willing to take it since at this point all a person needs to do is say ‘he’s Batman’ and it means he’s invulnerable.

That has yet to be seen when it comes to Pattinson’s version since there are still people on the fence and those that don’t believe he’s going to make a decent version of the dark knight. It’s hard to be too pessimistic and it’s also hard to be too optimistic since he’s a good actor but he also hasn’t done anything like this as of yet. Those that want to believe he’s going to crush it and make The Batman another great movie in the long line of ups and downs that the dark knight has seen are typically those that don’t want to think that there’s a chance that they’ll be given a dud to watch again. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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