All Roads Lead Back to the All-Valley Karate Tournament in New “Cobra Kai” Teaser

It would seem that all roads lead back to the All-Valley Karate Tournament when it comes to the re-emergence of Cobra Kai. It’s getting harder and harder to know which side to stand on at this point since in the trailers Daniel looks like the kind of entitled jerk he would have rebelled against back in the day and Johnny is the toughened hardcase that means well but is still under the influence of his old teachings. If you remember right his sensei was a rather tough teacher that didn’t bother with the niceties. It wouldn’t seem that Johnny is either, but the idea of him being anywhere near as bad as Kreese still doesn’t quite make the argument for Team Daniel.

It’s been over thirty years in the time line and the two men are in very different positions at this time. Johnny is about as down and out as he can get without being homeless while Daniel is living the life he only dreamed about when he was younger. Johnny’s idea to re-open Cobra Kai obviously doesn’t sit well with Daniel since he remembers far too well the kind of abuse he suffered at the hands of those that followed the teachings of the Cobra Kai. The only difference maker here is going to be Johnny since quite honestly he’s the guy that’s trying to teach those that don’t know how to stand up for themselves to fight back. The question now though is if he’s going to teach them just to fight back when it’s necessary or if he’s going to teach them how to really be the kind of Cobra Kai that he used to be.

So far from the trailers it looks like he’s going to be giving his students some hard lessons to chew on, but nothing past what he feels is necessary to keep them on their feet and able to knock down any bully that wants to come after them. That really only leaves the issue of what’s still between Daniel and Johnny. This is still a bit confusing since Johnny was the guy that presented Daniel with the trophy all those years ago after losing, and despite the loss seemed willing to finally let things be. But obviously this new show is going to go off of the final moment of the match when Johnny got put on the floor by the crane kick, thereby ending his dominance and allowing the underdog to reach the top. It’s going to bring up old grudges that might have otherwise died, and it’s going to set a stage for two of the most iconic characters to finally hash out their differences once and for all, we hope.

Cobra Kai isn’t set to air until May 2nd, so expect a lot more theorizing and talk to come about the show, especially from those that can remember the original movie and what it was like to see a bully get his comeuppance finally. It almost seems like the roles have been reversed now though.

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