The Road Cara Buono Took to Get to “Stranger Things”

The Road Cara Buono Took to Get to “Stranger Things”

The Road Cara Buono Took to Get to “Stranger Things”

Cara Buono has had quite a career up to this point and she’s still going full steam ahead. Of course lately the one role that’s really helped define her career has been Stranger Things, which in truth has been a big influence to the rest of the cast as well since it’s still one of the more popular shows that people are willing to wait for in terms of season 3. Cara however has had a long time to hone her skills and become capable of adapting to whatever situation or scene that’s demanded of her and has become very, very good at what she does. The idea that she’s been given kind of a minor supporting role isn’t bound to help her much aside from the fact that it makes her part of a show that is well-liked and bound to become one of the more celebrated shows of the decade, but at times it’s enough to be a part of something great rather than miss out entirely.

So here’s her evolution from the early years of her career to Stranger Things.

Kicking and Screaming

No, this isn’t the 2005 comedy with Will Ferrell. Instead it’s a film about a group of college kids that don’t seem to have any inclination to really move on with their lives and embark upon a trip through self-realization that finally takes them to a place in their lives from which they can see the value of actually moving on. For the most part Kate seems like the rebel, the girl that doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is just trying to get by. As a film that’s still a type of coming-of-age story it’s not too bad, especially given that back in the 90s happy endings were still a thing.


Though ill-conceived this was at least a start towards seeing the Hulk come to the big screen. The unfortunate part is that the casting was obviously screwed up, the origin of the Hulk seemed to be more genetic than accidental, and the story was just absolutely horrible. The upside for Cara was that she didn’t have to stick around all that long since she played Bruce’s mother. She met her end at the hands of his father, who was crazy from the start it seems and was bound and determined to prove that he was right and his experiment could be of some use.

The Sopranos

Anyone on this show had to know that at one point and time their number might be up if their character was scripted to do something stupid or say something out of line. But otherwise it was a great chance for anyone’s career since it brought a lot of people into the mix that some folks thought were worth the effort and others that people had to scratch their head over. Cara was somewhere pleasantly in the middle since she’s a great actress but doesn’t seem to have the same star power as some of the other bigger names in the show did. Still, she played her part without any difficulty and managed to make it something that people would remember.

Mad Men

People flocked to this show and just HAD to watch it when it was on, but one of the main themes seemed to be that the lives of the woman tended to revolve around their men without much concern for their own lives and desires. The show was kind of an odd one that a person really had to get into largely because of the beliefs of the show that flew in the face of modern day beliefs when it came to women and a few other matters. How any woman could act for a show like this would be kind of a mystery save to say that it’s a job, an act, and perhaps they had to talk to somebody about it later just to get any negative feelings off their chest. It was a show after all, but the idea of it was still a little disturbing.

Stranger Things

It’s a big jump from some of the other shows she’s been in to this one. Set in the 1980s her character isn’t subservient to her husband but instead is seen as kind of a nag to her kids and not all that visible to her husband all the time. If the opposite was true she wouldn’t have thought twice about flirting with a handsome young man that just showed up at her door. Mrs. Wheeler isn’t so much a married woman looking for an affair, but it could find her anyway if the writers have their way. Of course that would be just like Billy to go causing trouble and really mess up someone’s life now wouldn’t it? Guess will have to wait for season 3 to find out.

Who else can’t wait to see how Karen reacts in the coming season?

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