Pawn Stars: Rick Harrison Dropped Out of High School To Illegally Sell What?

Pawn Stars: Rick Harrison Dropped Out of High School To Illegally Sell What?

Pawn Stars is one of those shows that might not interest you at first glance, but has the ability to suck you right in as you experience what it’s like to live in a completely different world. The world in which a father and son duo have opened up their own Las Vegas pawn shop. The business is big, as you might imagine it is in a city where people are probably looking for fast cash at a moment’s notice. The company focuses on selling high-end items that come with a story, and it’s served Rick Harrison and his father quite well; but there are so many things you don’t know about Rick Harrison that you might want to know. Here are five of them.He sold fake Gucci bagsAlways an entrepreneur, Rick Harrison knew that he did not want to have a regular 9 to 5 or even a life that required him to finish high school even when he was a teen. He dropped out of school so that he could start his own business selling faux Gucci bags; a job that earned him around $2,000 per week.He’s got an older sisterSomething that never fails to make your heart hurt just a little is knowing that Rick Harrison is not just one of three boys. He actually has a sister, Sherry, who is older than him. Sadly, she died when she was only 6, and the effect of that was difficult on the family.He’s epilepticMany people have no idea what this even means and how it affects the way a person lives, but Rick Harrison knows all too well. He was often confined to bed rest when he was younger to handle his seizures. This caused him to miss out on a lot of his childhood fun.He’s an avid readerThanks to the fact that he spent so much time in bed as a child due to his seizures, Rick Harrison learned to love reading and appreciate it for the art form that it really is. We love a man that loves a good book.He got his first wife pregnant at 17We all know that Harrison and his first wife, Kim, have two boys that they had beginning when they were 17. What you might not know, however, is that their first child shouldn’t be their first. She was actually pregnant before that, but the couple suffered a miscarriage.Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode sure to check out Pawn Stars Wednesdays at 10 pm on History Channel  Photo by Getty Images Facebook Prev Article Next Article About The Author Tiffany Raiford More from this Author Tiffany Raiford is a lifelong Floridian, wife to my high school sweetheart and mother of four littles (two girls and boy/girl twins…no, they are not identical and yes, I’m sure). My kids love to whine, so I love to wine. My loves include nap time, bed time, date night, travel and evenings and weekends when my husband is home because he handles all diaper changes.

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