Rian Johnson Praises Dave Bautista as the Greatest Wrestler-Turned-Actor

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This is one time when it’s hard to argue with Rian Johnson since he does make a good point when calling Dave Bautista one of the best wrestlers-turned-actor. As a star in the WWE, Bautista enjoyed an impressive run that saw him become a champion and a serious threat between the ropes. He spent his time as the heel and face and was often a dominant force in the company. Since his departure, Dave has taken full to Hollywood life.

He’s also starred in several movies that have utilized him in ways that might not have been expected. Since the time of Hulk Hogan, the idea of wrestlers becoming actors has been one that has continued to grow. It’s also one that hasn’t always been reliable. The inclusion of wrestlers into mainstream Hollywood has been a dubious idea at best for a long time. Once Dwayne Johnson took his leave from the ring, several others made the same attempt.

Wrestlers such as John Cena, Ted Dibiase, Randy Orton, The Miz, and even Steve Austin have continued this push into the mainstream. While some of them have found success, others have faded out quickly. Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista have been the most successful of the bunch. 

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Bautista didn’t have the greatest start in Hollywood

Much like many wrestlers, Dave did not find immediate success in Hollywood when he started. His first roles came in TV, such as a small role in Smallville, while his more prominent roles would come later. By 2012 he finally gained greater notice as he starred in The Man with the Iron Fists, which was followed by a supporting role in Riddick. From that point on, Bautista’s role as a movie star was nearly assured. 

In recent years, Bautista has become an even bigger star, and his acting has improved immensely. Praising him as an actor is still something people might see as an issue, but there’s no doubting his skill at this point. Dave might not be the best actor in Hollywood at this time, but he is still impressive to watch. 

Wrestlers still have an odd reputation in movies 

Several decades have passed since wrestlers first attempted to make the jump to Hollywood, and people are still wary of this transition. Much of this has to do with the fact that the WWE is, first and foremost, a show. The wrestlers are beefed-up actors that pretend to be angry with each other, and much of the action is scripted. But in all honesty, this does prepare them for an acting career. Not only that, but the possibility of being able to take on at least a few of their own stunts is a bonus. 

Unfortunately, if a wrestler isn’t a good actor in the ring, they won’t find much success in Hollywood. For a while, even Dwayne Johnson had a hard time breaking into the business. The star power that some wrestlers come with is what gets them in. But if they can’t capitalize on that, then their time in tinsel town is limited. 

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It’s hard to say if a wrestler-turned-actor will ever win an Oscar

It does feel as though wrestlers-turned-actors experience a serious roadblock when it comes to being respected. Their time in the squared circle is a stigma that follows many of them without fail. Those that can overcome this are rare, but it does appear that Bautista has accomplished this. Rian Johnson’s word isn’t enough for everyone, but Bautista’s acting speaks for itself. 

To be fair, it is a bit surprising still that someone who looks and presents like Bautista would be this good at acting. One thing that needs to be understood, though, is surprises can be a positive development in Hollywood as well as negative. Dave’s gentle and calm manner places him as one of the more impressive talents in the film industry. Many people are expecting even more to come. 

The day a former wrestler wins an Oscar is bound to be momentous. But before this happens, it’s fair to imagine that there are several hurdles to overcome. 

Comparing Dave Bautista and Dwayne Johnson might create a debate 

Calling Dave Bautista the best wrestler-turned-actor is bound to upset a few people. Dwayne Johnson has been on the Hollywood scene for longer, but lately, that doesn’t mean much. The latest failure with Black Adam has given Bautista an edge over Johnson. 

The kind of praise that Bautista is being given is well-deserved. Wrestlers are not always bound to be skilled actors, but some have found their calling in Hollywood. How far Dave Bautista can still go is hard to say, but he’s impressed quite a few people at this point. It’s fair to say his star is still rising. 

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