Deepfake is Making it Difficult to Not See Henry Cavill as Wolverine

Deepfake is Making it Difficult to Not See Henry Cavill as Wolverine
Deepfake is Making it Difficult to Not See Henry Cavill as Wolverine

Credit: Man of Steel

So, Hugh Jackman is coming back to the role of Wolverine, and at the same time, Henry Cavill is leaving the role of Superman behind. On top of that, a lot of people are already talking about the idea of Deadpool 3 being the last time that Jackman should show up as Wolverine. What should happen once Jackman hangs up the claws again? The MCU is apparently looking for someone that might be able to take on the role of the Canadian mutant, and Deepfake is making it tough to speak against the idea that Henry Cavill might be able to take on the part. Granted, a Deepfake look isn’t always perfect, but it goes a long way toward making people accept what might have happened if one actor had been swapped out for another in various roles. Of course, some of them are kind of silly, such as when Johnny Depp’s face was used in place of Amber Heard’s for Mera, but in the case of Jim Carrey’s mug being swapped for Jack Nicholson’s for The Shining, the result was downright creepy and easier to believe. As far as anyone can tell, there isn’t a reboot of The Shining coming down the pipeline with Carrey taking the lead role, but it was an interesting look at what can happen when technology gives people a look at what could possibly happen. 

Cavill is still relatively young. 

At the age of 39, it feels that Henry could still give plenty of good years to the role of Wolverine if he happened to be selected for the role. Whether he’d want to take on this role or not is unknown, but it does feel that he might actually give it some thought since it’s another step into a huge franchise that might treat him very well. It’s still too soon for a lot of people that are going to see him as Superman for some time to come, but one has to wonder if the MCU fanbase would embrace him in a welcoming way. Given that he’s a big movie star that has a lot of clouts and an impressive following, it feels likely that he would be a big draw if he was brought into the fold. 

His size might be an issue, but his acting wouldn’t be. 

Finding someone that is the actual size of the famous X-Man has been kind of difficult apparently since Logan is kind of on the short side in the comics, but Jackman is far taller and yet was accepted without question. Ever since his first stint as the clawed mutant in X-Men, people have believed that he was the right man for the role and have continued to believe that for years. Cavill is also above six feet tall, easily several inches taller than Wolverine is stated to be, and yet it still feels as though he might be just as accepted. The fact that he’s already portrayed a popular hero could help him in this matter since the video above makes it appear that he would fill this role quite well. 

Deepfake is Making it Difficult to Not See Henry Cavill as Wolverine

Credit: Logan

Not a lot of people are still hung up on Wolverine’s exact dimensions. 

Wolverine’s height has been mentioned quite a bit over the years, but the fact is that a lot of people simply let it go since Jackman took on the role and made it seem like a non-issue. Some purists might think that a shorter actor would work better, and there’s nothing to say that they wouldn’t, but at this time, it’s simply a desire to find someone that can step into the role and make it work that height wouldn’t be much of an issue, unless the actor in question was 6’6″ or taller, since then it’s kind of hard to justify putting them into such a role given that yes, Wolverine is not a huge character. But keeping the height of the character at around six feet doesn’t feel like it would be much of a problem since Hugh Jackman made this one of the least noticeable aspects of the character. Cavill could help to maintain that if he took on the role. 

Henry could possibly be depended on for multiple movies. 

This is where his age would come into play once again since as he’s in his late 30s at this time it does stand to reason that Henry would be able to step into the MCU and assume the mantle of Wolverine. It would be kind of interesting to see him cross the line as many others have done, especially since taking on a role that’s so much different would be a worthy challenge. To see the guy who played Superman, an upright and kind individual, become a surly and ill-tempered mutant that is usually ready and willing to engage in violence would be a switch. 

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