Revolution 2.17 “Why We Fight” Review


Monroe is tired of waiting for the right moment to fight the Patriots and takes matters into his own hands. His respect for Miles is not enough anymore as he fights to take back the Monroe Republic.

The episode begins with the Patriots raiding another safe house as Monroe, Rachel and Miles watch on. The young recruit who Miles set free last week revealed their location much to Monroe’s chagrin. They set up camp elsewhere and Miles and Monroe bicker about right and wrong. Miles reveals to the group of Monroe and Connor’s plan to bring back the Monroe Republic, the revelation is not as shocking as Miles intended. It is obvious that Monroe would want to bring it back to win Connor’s loyalty.

Gene has had enough with the two of them arguing and wants to try to fix things his way. He proposes that they sneak into Willoughby and show the townspeople what terrible things the Patriots have done. As a once respected resident of the town, this shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, this is Revolution and nothing is ever simple. Nor would it make good television if he could just stroll in and convince them. Miles joins Gene and helps him sneak past the guards and into the town. As they look around, he sees that his friends have joined the Patriots and are dressed in full uniform. Gene feels betrayed, how could they have been so easily misled? Gene is reminded that he isn’t so perfect, for years he was aware of the Patriots’ plans as they provided the town with lifesaving medicine. Now he wants to put things right.

Elsewhere Neville is still trying to convince Truman to poison Doyle and take his position. Neville reminds him that he poisoned half the town with typhus so poisoning one should be easy, especially someone as unpleasant as Doyle. Truman still seems unsure so Neville leaves him to it. As he heads back, two Patriot soldiers inform him that Doyle wants to see him and they knock him out.

Gene spots an old friend closing up a bar in town, he and Miles before sneak in. As they both confront her she is horrified. The Patriots have sprouted lies about Gene, claiming that his house was full of explosives and his journal was full of plans for terrorist attacks. Gene and Marrianne had a relationship once and this convinces her that perhaps he could be telling the truth; the problem is that she’s engaged to Truman. Despite Miles being convinced that she would tell Truman that they’re there, she doesn’t.

Monroe doesn’t make it easy for them however. Charlie and Connor spot a fire in the distance and they go to investigate. Unfortunately, the Patriots killed Duncan and many of her men as they raided New Vegas. The militia that managed to flee are ready for revenge and are more than happy to join Monroe. This gives Monroe the opportunity he’s waiting for and at last he does something worthwhile. They attack the re-education camp and showed no mercy, killing everyone associated, even slaughtering the young recruits. Monroe wasted bullets on near dead victims just to make sure they were dead. Charlie asks Connor if that’s the kind of thing he wants to be a part of — he suddenly looks unsure.

Neville uses the opportunity to escape certain death and finishes Doyle off finally by strangling him with his own belt, an unconventional way to be murdered and stands out that something is amiss. This is something that Monroe and later Truman noticed, it is unusual for the show and it’s a nice change. Although Doyle was a horrific character, it would have been nice to learn more about him.

Marianne leaves the bar with Truman giving Miles and Gene an opportunity to escape but survivors of the attack of the camp rush into Willoughby. Marianne assumes that they wanted to distract her and Truman so they can pull off the attack and she feels she has no choice but to inform Truman where they are hiding.

Miles and Gene narrowly escape but Gene is wounded. Monroe is back doing what he enjoys and what he’s good at. Miles is furious and punches him for going ahead without any consultation. The attack was not lost however; they now know where they are heading next. The Patriots are heading to Austin to kill the President and take over Texas. Perhaps they’ll meet Aaron and Priscilla on the way?

There is no mention of Aaron and Priscilla this week as they trek back from Lubbock. Whilst Aaron is a missed character, it was good to escape the drama of the nanotech and go back to basics. Sometimes simple works and this episode certainly delivered. It was great to see the Patriots lose for once, but will they succeed in Austin?

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