Revisiting Sherlock Season 4: The Top Five Moments

Revisiting Sherlock Season 4: The Top Five Moments

It’s been 8 years since this genius reboot of Sherlock first came to life, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman at the helms. The last episode we saw ended over a year ago, and we still haven’t heard whether there’s going to be a fifth season or not. Fans are clamoring for more of the unlikely duo, especially with the way things ended in the last season. We believe that there are more stories to tell, and we are willing to wait yet another couple of years–if that’s what it’ll take. Until then, we can hold ourselves over by replaying moments from previous seasons. To start with, here are the top 5 moments from season 4.

It is what it is

It’s not that dramatic moments were rare in the show. On the contrary, there were quite an effective few. But this moment from episode 2 kind of takes the cake in comparison. The departure of Mary clearly had a huge impact in the show’s characters, and this was a great display of all the emotions involved in that. Even Sherlock showed a little bit more humanity in that moment, thus solidifying what relationship he’s been building with Watson all those years. The best moment was when Sherlock said the words, “Isn’t it right Mary?” No explanations needed, just chills.

Moriarty’s entrance

No one else can make an entrance as grand as Jim Moriarty. His entrance scene in episode 3 was so good that it was actually frightening. The knowledge that this guy might actually cause a huge problem one day is in the back of everyone’s minds as they watch his egotistical and maniacal descent from his helicopter. Little did we know what Moriarty was really up to in those last couple of episodes.

Mrs. Hudson

This list will not be complete without a scene that included Mrs. Hudson. As a matter of fact, there were so many Mrs. Hudson scenes throughout the entire series that could make this list easily, but one of our favorites was when she had to remind Watson yet again that she was not their housekeeper. It’s interesting for Mrs. Hudson to have to spell out who she really is, but it’s extremely comical to hear.

Sherlock’s sister

This was one of the show’s biggest stunners. This was the moment we realized that Sherlock had another sibling, a sister as a matter of fact, and this sister happened to be John’s therapist as well. The way she finally revealed herself to John, the way she pointed the gun right at John, the way she smiled as she pulled the trigger, and the way the gun went off right as the scene cut to black–absolutely insane.


Goodbye, brother mine

In the last episode of Season 4, we saw Mycroft at his best and worst at the same time. It was one of the season’s saddest moments, when Mycroft big Sherlock goodbye, knowing full well that Sherlock will choose John over him at any given day.

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