That Time Emma Stone had a Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon

That Time Emma Stone had a Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon

Remember that time when Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone had a lip sync battle on his show? Some people might not but it’s worth the memory since watching the two of them go at it was highly amusing and showed that Emma Stone can really get down when she feels the need. If she’d been in something a little more comfortable, meaning something that could move with her a bit more than the clothing she had on it might have even been easy for her to express herself just a little more. But even with what she was in she had no problem in showing just what she could do and how expressive she could be.

The act of lip syncing has certainly become a big thing throughout the last few years and it’s been seen as just what it is, a chance to mime along to a favorite song and show your enthusiasm for the the music while trying not to rip it off in any big way. Ever since the Milli Vanilli scandal, and the Jessica Simpson scandal, and a few other mishaps that have come along, lip syncing was thought to be a dirty practice that meant that a person had no talent if they had to resort to it. But in recent years it’s re-emerged as a thing that’s fun, engaging, and altogether entertaining to watch since in some cases you can at least guess that the people doing it don’t really have the musical chops that it would take to produce their own songs, but are highly entertaining to watch when they get into the lip sync aspect of it. At that point it becomes more about showmanship and having fun than anything else, and it’s something that most people can admit is a good time with something that they love to hear and see.

There are those that might still have a problem with as they might contend that it’s disrespectful to the bands whose music is being lip synced, but in truth a lot of bands and singers feel flattered that someone would use their music to create such a show. After all a lot of times performers have to obtain permission to use a song like this so that they don’t end up getting sued later on, so it’s without much surprise that bands and performers go ahead and give the okay for stuff like this. It’s amusing to see the people that use their songs in this manner really getting into the feel of it and experiencing the kind of emotion that such music brings. So really there’s no insult to anyone when it comes to lip syncing, it’s more like an homage to the music that these people are fully enjoying.

Jimmy Fallon has made it a habit on his show to do a lip sync battle and most of the time it’s very amusing since people really do get into the swing of it in ways you might not expect. Emma Stone certainly did, and it was awesome.

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